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Ledger Wallet



Jun 15, 2018
Ledger is one of the most famous manufacturers of hardware wallets. The Lederers’s products include the three models of hardware wallets which are similar by its functionality. There are three potential risks to hardware wallets: a theft, substitution of addresses during a transaction, losing of a seed-key. However, all these risks are relatively small.

The ledger hardware bitcoin wallet can also be connected with other wallets like mycelium and coinkite. The wallet is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac based operating systems.

Ledger wallet interacts with the computer via a Chrome apps which have to be installed on the computer. No additional software installation or account creation is required.

The hardware wallets are recommended for storage of large sums of coins (over $1,000 in coins). Nano Ledger S wallet costs of around $100 — this is a relatively minor costs for holders of a large coins amounts.
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