KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io



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Oct 27, 2019
KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io

Koktoken is a multi digital platform created by experienced TEAM from Korea.

It is an interesting idea for creating a digital entertainment multiplatform, available as a mobile application. A crypto wallet is also a part of it. What is important here we are not dealing only with some plans and ideas like in most projects. People and companies that stand behind KokToken already have a rich chapter in their business.

The project is managed by the KOK Foundation. Let me start introducing the management team.

Dong Seob Hwang – KOK CEO
Dong Seob is the owner of The Grove Entertainment company and he is a producer and publisher of music, dramas and movies on the Korean and Chinese market. Link to the company:

  • Director of the Korean Entertainment Manufacturers Association
  • Participant of parliamentary debates

KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io

is Advisor to many blockchain projects including Evens, EOS Chrome, EcoStart, Mix.Rent, BeWELL, EdenChain, AmbleX, Platinum Q DAO, Boltt Protocol, GBC Korea, Davinci Foundation, etc. He was Co-Founder and President/CTO of Color Platform – a fourth generation blockchain platform empowered with SoC.

He is an editor of “Blockchain Today” magazine. Young is an Expert at ICObench – a global ICO rating platform – and a Director to OSSF(Open Source Software Foundation). He is Adjunct Professor at Yonsei University in Korea.

He is a software and blockchain professional, an executive, and a professor having broad experiences from development to top management, from theories to practices at various global companies and organizations including NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, North Carolina State University, BMC Software, Sungkyunkwan University, 3Ksoftware, KBIPA (Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association), and CE Linux Forum. He has expertise in software engineering, compiler and language technology, cryptography, and blockchain.

He holds advanced degrees in computer science from North Carolina State University and is a member of Executive Blockchain Program at Draper University in California. He has also experience in crypto-investment, M&A, Revised ICO/IEO, Reverse-ICO’s.

Young currently leads a crypto-finance & cybersecurity company (3KFinance) as CSO and a Blockchain/AI/DeFi/Cryptocurrency company (Crypto Valley Lab, Inc.) as CEO & Founder.
KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io

Top Game Developer of Korea

  • Graduate of business management of Seoul National University
  • Directing “Dungeon & Fighter” at Nexon Cyphers
  • Planning paid contents in Hyperconnect

KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io

Jinsuk Ko – KOK CIO
AI Technology Professional

  • Master’s degree of Computer Science in Seoul National Univer- sity
  • Former CTO of I Love School
  • CEO of Tenspace
  • Best technician of AI based technology in Korea
  • Huobi Global Blockchain Leader

KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io

The KOK platform is to combine services and products from industries such as music, games, movies, shopping and the so-called influencers. What will interest us the most is the wallet and games. The wallet itself will earn, similarly to other wallets, daily calculations with a monthly return of 4 to 20%. The portfolio is to generate profits from arbitration and from investments as well as sales of services and products.


$ 300 - $ 1499 - 4-8% per month

$ 1500 - $ 9999 - 9-11% per month

$ 10,000 + 12-20% per month

This profit is start-up bonus for marketing purposes. The reason the company deals with the portfolio is that it is a way to bring together as many people interested in investing in tokens as possible. After some time, the portfolio profit will be reduced.

Payment of the deposit at any time, before 30 days - 5% fee, before 60 - 3%

the minimum contribution is $ 300 and max. $ 10,000

Accrued in a token bun, which is then exchangeable for crypto.

The second way of making profit (limited but more profitable) – hotel renting

If you would like to maximize your earnings consider the second way of making profit: purchase a hotel in the Hotel King game (games tab).
Hotel King game is a hotel management simulation game. Holding the hotel generates operating profits every day. Our building is valid for life but buildings can also be bought and sold between users. We can only use our kok tokens to buy a hotel. This model ensures reinvestment of tokens in the system.
  • initial hotel price: 4 kok
  • 100,000 hotels will be available per server
  • Hotels are not always available for purchase. We need to track company messages
  • expected profit: up to 150% per month

KOK Token - digital platform and wallet - 4-20% per month - kok-play.io

link to the application:

invitation code: QLVSYFMQ

Registration Instructions:
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