Key Signs of HYIPs that Should be Avoided



Jun 18, 2018
HYIPs which open up to make a fast buck and go dumping are called slags in the HYIP sphere. You can say that all HYIPs are opened for this purpose, but the slag is the HYIP which surely does not plan to pay, whose admins do not obey any rules of the HYIP ethics. Slags are HYIPs which it's better to avoid, they are often referred to as junk, because they should be sent directly to the trash, and they're no good for anything else.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to figure out the slag, but there are a number of signs that disclose particularly greedy admins who want to pull it off quickly. Since everything is done quickly and in hurry, there are often many minor flaws:

  • The template free design may match partisans, as well as slags, if there are other signs. A beautiful but hackneyed design still works for the ultimate purpose of beginners.
  • Unfilled FAQ. Scripts provide FAQ module, and it takes time and energy to fill it in, and few hit upon the idea to turn it off.
  • Statements of DDoS protection in the form of large placards or logos which are not supported by verification.
  • Promotion on forums is made through reviews from newly registered accounts
  • Monitoring is only available on unfamiliar monitors that are ready to add all without distinction.
  • The foreign language version of the site is made with a machine translator or by in-house school-level worker.
  • The legend is copied from another HYIP.
  • The site has a non-existent phone number or a number without code, although the city is not explicitly specified anywhere. It can also have references to social networks that do not lead anywhere or open up not what they should.
  • The unlicensed script. If the admin cuts corners on the script, he is sure to cut corners on payments to investors.
  • Restarting the project, that is, a second launch of the project with the same name or a similar one, with an explicit link to the forebear. Restarts are launched to make a good hand of those who decide to win back, and there are so many of these.
  • Projects with prolonged pre-launch advertising. If the project advertises itself more than a couple of days before it starts, admins want to hit the jackpot at the start and close down the project immediately, otherwise not newcomers but experienced HYIP players who know that they need to withdraw money quickly will get all the cash. In addition, there will be a number of requests from referrers prior the project launch. There won't be enough cash even for 1-2 circles.
  • Too aggressive advertising of the just launched project with 100% guarantee and other nonsense aims to artificially promote the hype. The sense is roughly the same as in the pre-start promotion.
  • The HYIP which accepts via PayPal, WebMoney, and Yandex.Money, Qiwi, especially bank cards. These payment systems are continually tracked, wallets are easily blocked on demand, and they cause suspicions due to frequent transactions. Experienced admins do not use these systems.
  • The page instead of a group on Facebook indicates that admins wanted to do for show quickly. Groups are more difficult to make, they need to be moderated, processed, upgraded, and so on.
At choosing the HYIP, aim not at a possible profit in the first place, but rather at problems and symptoms of slag. There can be anything: either a "good" HYIP or a slag in a "beautiful candy wrapper," all you can do is avoid an obvious slag, increasing your chances of investing successfully.
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Oct 5, 2018
Agree with you.... we all know that all of HYIP will go down sooner or later...... there are all not certified company so it`s only invest with money you afford to lose.
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