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Jun 3, 2018
$10 Perfect Money cheque
Kepler Technologies (KEP) ICO
Kepler Technologies aims to build an international investment market in area of high-tech. Investors will manage and control network. MIT’s Global Partners invented and created ICO together with the project team. They will provide a development environment for the successful startups in K platform.

Promise of incredible dividends

Investors can purchase shares in the K Technologies through KEP to receive dividends. In addition, company plans to buy 80% of the tokens at boost price. Long-term benefit is the diversification of the investment portfolio in the development of products through KEP token.
Buyers of tokens will be able to use it at all stages of project development. In the future, people will easily be able to exchange it on the Kepler platform.
The fulfillment of engagements is guaranteed by the exception of the human factor — all of them backed by blockchain and smart contracts. So, if the company does not reach the limit, investors will receive 100% of the money back.

ICO Details

ICO Start: 26.06.18
ICO End: 17.07.18
Country: Georgia

Symbol: KEP
Type: ERC20
For project create and distributing a maximum of 100 million tokens.

Price: 1.25 USD
Minimum Cap: 10 million USD
Hard Cap: 62.5 Million USD
Bonus: 30% in PreICO and 20–5% in ICO

For bounty hunters

  • Signature and Avatar on Bitcointalk — 2–30 tokens, depending on account level;
  • Activity in Twitter — 2–6 tokens/week, depending on the number of followers;
  • Activity in Facebook — 2–4 tokens/week, depending on the number of followers/friends;
  • Translations — 50 per ANN, 250 per Whitepaper, 5 + 1 stake/member per pinned message from group;
  • Proofreading — 10 per ANN+Bounty Threads, 50 per Whitepaper;
  • Blogging — 0–250 per articles/ videos on YouTube and other hosting sites, depending on the quality and number of viewers;
  • Activity in Telegram — 1–3 for 30 most active members;
  • Subscribe to Youtube Channel.

Details are in bounty threads.


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May 3, 2018
Had no doubts in these guys. Pre-ICO was passed smoothly because of high media activity. Lots of people participated, that allow us to predict new effective project.
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