Invest Wisely: How to Invest Without Losing Money (Part 2)



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Jun 17, 2018
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I can say confidently that no matter how experienced a hyper is, investment in such projects involves the risk of losing a part or all deposit invested in the project. 
Therefore, before investing your own money in HYIP, think about whether you are ready for possible losses. If not, do not invest in high-interest HYIPs, save your nerves. I have developed for myself a few rules to work with such programs. These rules help to significantly reduce the risk of losing money and eventually reach the average level of return of 15-20% per month.

Invest Wisely: How to Invest Without Losing Money (Part 2)

So, here are the recommendations for investing in HYIPs. These rules are very important and I want you to know them before you actually start investing.

1. Don’t Put in HYIP Your Entire Investment Capital

If you are going to start seriously and profitably investing on the Internet, do not put your entire investment capital in High-Yield investment programs. I recommend using no more than 20% of all online money. I limit myself to approximately10%.

2. Start by Investing Minimum Deposit

Start to invest small sums, preferably minimum that let you make the selected HYIPs ($ 3, $ 5, $ 10). Experience will come with time, certain flair will appear, and you will be ready to increase your deposits. Take your time. This will save you from logical losses of regular at the initial stage.

3. Don’t Invest the Entire Sum in One Program

Never put all your eggs into one basket. Once you have determined the sum allocated for High-Yield investment programs, break it, at least in10 parts, in other words, never invest the entire sum in one program, no matter how reliable it may seem for you.

The minimum number of programs in which you need take part at the same time – 5, better 10, and ideally 20. The more projects, the lower the risk, the lower losses in case of scam of one or several at once, and the greater the chance of getting profits.

4. Be Skeptical

Always treat skeptically, and it is better, in general, not to pay attention to HYIPs with huge interest. As a rule, you can find programs promising just fabulously fantastic conditions – doubling a deposit in a few days or even hours. Yes, there are so-called doublers. But working with them requires a special approach, time, patience and luck. For a beginner it certainly means the loss of money. In another case, even worse, none of the depositors in such circumstances would get his money.
25% – 40% per month is quite reasonable interest with which HYIPs can operate for relatively long time to make payments.

5. Do not Reinvest

Only withdraw profits. You should regularly withdraw the accrued interest. You can do this once a week or a few days, but it is better to do every day. Each withdrawal leaves less of your money in the program, and even in case of an unfavorable outcome you will not lose your entire deposit, but only a part.

6. Pay Attention to Changes in the Conditions of Investing

Abrupt changes in interest rates, terms, delays in payments, delivery of letters with new better offers – all this indicates the beginning of problems and should be a signal for you to stop working with the program and to withdraw funds.

7. Educate Yourself

Learn from your mistakes – it is wonderful experience that can hardly be replaced. But, nevertheless, I recommend learning from other mistakes as well. Many people have already gone the way that others just begin. Visit forums, read blogs. This will help you to quickly learn how to earn on the Internet and reduce your losses in the process of learning how to invest in HYIPs.
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