Invest Like a Pro: The Signs of Upcoming Scam



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Jun 18, 2018
Immortal HYIP doesn’t exist. The only question is when exactly the investment project will close. The practice has shown that it happens suddenly. It happens suddenly, but not unpredictable. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, when quite successful HYIPs are closed by admin’s wish. In other cases, the collapse could be predicted.

The scam is the moment when the system stops making payments. Some sly HYIPs keep on taking deposits but pay nothing to anyone. Therefore, always read the latest reviews and news before investing. Unfortunately, the scammed HYIP can operate, but it only accepts deposits. So, let's go through the main features of the upcoming scam.

Technical Problems

Technical problems with the site are one of the classic schemes that admins use. DDOS attacks can be real — when competitors are interested in problems. But there are also man-made difficulties, behind which there are the owners of the HYIP. They can deliberately disable/break modules, hiding behind the activities of competitors. Such confusion should be a clear signal to you.

Invest Like a Pro: The Signs of Upcoming Scam

Payment Disruptions

Only the blind will not notice this sign. If the difficulties have already begun, then over time there will be more of them. No matter what is the reason for these disruptions - try to withdraw investment immediately.

Change of the Payment Mode

For example, if earlier HYIP had an automatic mode of payments, and suddenly changed everything to manual mode. The reason for this decision is that there is not enough working capital for the HYIP, and the admins are trying to extend the period by paying manually, stretching the time a little and delaying the scam. In this case, it is important to be among the first who ordered a withdrawal, since such users can still be paid, then it will only get worse

Large-scale and Aggressive Promotions

To increase working assets, the administration may resort to advertising. The more aggressive it is, the more likely that things are getting worse. Sometimes there is an intentional scam after a PR campaign. Owners collect as much as possible and then disappear. Therefore, if promotions have started in your project, and you see that they are overly large-scale, it is better to get out of this investment.

Invest Like a Pro: The Signs of Upcoming Scam

Disproportionate Bonuses

This point is also relating to advertising tools. The administration can send a personal offer, for example, that they will double your new investment. Any request for additional money is a signal to investors about the beginning of problems in the project. Your application for withdrawal of funds from the project should be completed within a minute after such a request. Don’t you think that you are the only one who received the message after all?

False Payment Status

Unfortunately, there are false signals. For example, some HYIPs may pay to HYIP monitors. Therefore they will have the "Paying" status. But in fact, ordinary investors have already stopped receiving money. That’s why you shouldn’t rely solely on information from monitors. You must always use real investor reviews on the forums.

What to Do?

You should withdraw your money from the project. The chance that you will get your money decreases with each hour of delay. Don’t be afraid to miscalculate. Even if you withdraw all your money, but the service existed for some time, you were not mistaken.

HYIPs sometimes freeze the repayment period. For example, this possibility may be only 30 days after the investment. If signals of imminent end arrive in the middle of this period, then you need to act individually. You should request a withdrawal without interest. Sometimes fines are imposed on these applications, deducting some from the deposit. Don’t be afraid of this. It is better to get something than nothing.

If the site has stopped paying, but still accepts deposits from new members, then you can leave a complaint. Some payment systems allow you to do this. And if the owners of HYIP are interested in new incomes, they can satisfy your application to remove the claim. This option is available in WebMoney, PayPal and some other payment systems, where there is a wallet owner identification system.

You need to withdraw money before a big wave of panic. Most often this wave is the first and last.

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