Invest Like a Pro: The Rule of 7%



Jun 18, 2018
In order to minimize risks when investing in HYIP projects, it is recommended to use 7% rule. Many potential investors are interested in the question “What is 7% rule and how to use it? ” this article answers this question and gives an example of a possible investment according to 7% rule.

7% rule implies the following: in order to minimize the risk of losing your investment, no more than 7% of the total starting amount should be invested in one HYIP project.

Investment example according to 7% rule​

Let's say, your starting capital is $ 1,000. If you are a novice investor, you need to do the following:

  1. Select 10-12 HYIPs and register in them. This process should be treated very responsibly, since the effectiveness of the invested funds depends on your competent selection, analysis and monitoring of the HYIP program;

2. Divide your principal amount into equal or unequal parts (as you consider necessary) and invest them in selected HYIP programs. With an initial capital of $ 1,000, you turn out to have invested approximately $ 80-100 in each of the funds.

After a certain period of time, one of the HYIP projects may stop its work. In this situation, you lose only 7% of your funds, that is, $ 80-100. At the same time, the rest of the HYIP programs will bring you an average of about 25% of profits per month.

Your earnings will be $ 1,162, this is without taking into account the lost $ 80-100 in one of the HYIPs. In this case, your salary is 16.2% per month. As you can see, it is much more profitable and better than a bank deposit.

After reviewing 7% rule, we can conclude that it is more efficient to divide startup capital into parts and invest in a large number of HYIP projects. Even if a few of them go scam, you will always benefit and receive a steady income.
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