Invest Like a Pro: Common Ploys of HYIP Admins



Jun 18, 2018
It's no secret that 99.9% of HYIPs do not make any real activity. But this is not the only deception that most investors face. There are also ploys used by project admins to lure naive victims into their networks. Sometimes they even deceive experienced investors. Scammers play on human psychology, greed and stupidity.

Second Start

Scam happens to all sites without exceptions. But there are some admins who manage to raise money twice from one resource. And they succeed, because there are those who are ready to lose it twice. This magical phenomenon is called “re-start”. After the system has ceased to pay, that is, SCAM technically occurred, owners, under various pretexts, come up with the idea why you need to invest more or declare a full restart. To do this, they use similar arguments:

Invest Like a Pro: Common Ploys of HYIP Admins

• We still have a lot of capital, but we need new participants to start;

• We regularly paid for 4 months, and plan to do in the future;

• The problem is temporary, we have the wallet frozen, we need to unite;

That is, they either cheat or arrogantly try to turn their problems into yours. Only a few of them really restart, but after that they poorly function for a while. In most examples, reinvesting in such a project does not produce good results. You owe nothing to owners, and they must solve their own problems themselves. You can hardly resurrect a project.

This ploy is designed for human psychology. When you have $ 100 stuck on the accounts, and you are asked to deposit $ 10 and then you get both, and even a bonus, you want to try at least. And investors are trying, even those who understand that this is the road to even greater losses.

Secret and Profitable Offers

They appear at the end of the HYIP operation. The owner thinks that he has a huge investor network to work with, and he is right. To do this, he makes a "unique" or "secret" proposal, which is not on the site. Then email is sent, where in a private atmosphere he offers to participate in something and get extra income for it.

You can be promised illimitable wealth, some personal preferences, and it all costs nothing. Even if you are guaranteed a return, put in the first place in the list, or even made a gift, all this is for one purpose only - to get a little more money from you at the last gasp of the system.

Another kind of scam — offers that were not there before suddenly appear on the site. And they are much more attractive in terms of periods, rates, or other parameters. But the only condition is that users must make a new deposit, the old one cannot be interrupted. This is necessary in order to accumulate more funds on the admin’s wallet. And if he plans double-cross in the near future, then such advantageous offers are a obvious signals.

Temporary Difficulties

HYIP sites often have various kinds of difficulties. For example, DDOS attack or server cannot withstand the actual load due to the sharply increased influx of visitors. This happens, but often it is man-made processes. After all, an experienced developer should be prepared for difficulties and he must be able to solve them quickly. Users can be told fables for a long time that the site does not pay, since the wallet is blocked, or it is not available, because hoster conducts testing etc.

Invest Like a Pro: Common Ploys of HYIP Admins

In 9 cases out of 10, as practice has shown, this is a common fake. It has different goals. Someone takes time to get more investment if it continues to flow. Someone covers the tracks. There are those who have not yet decided to double cross and simply monitors the people’s mood. There may be other options, but the essence is the same - you are either already deceived or are going to be deceived.

Contests and Drawing of Lottery

By themselves, they are not a hoax if organizers plan to pay or send prizes. But if not, everything is already clear. We have already explained how this deception scheme works in the article about large offers. We only clarify that even the "reality" may be a lie.

For example, if winners are told that they have won, but their rewards will be sent within 2-3 weeks. Competent organizers would pay for DHL delivery and the lucky ones got theirs in a couple of days. Another version of reality falsification is when all winners are dummies or they do not exist at all. Remember which site you are on when you read the results of the competition. That's right, if it is the website of the HYIP admin, it means they can garble whatever they want.

These are the 6 most common ploys which can deceive not only beginners. If you know more sophisticated schemes that at first glance seem to be something absolutely normal, then share with us in the comments.

Huge Refbacks

What does it have to do with depositors if affiliates get affiliate rewards? But the higher the affiliate reward, the higher the refback for investors. This is a trap for fools and the greedy. After all, only they can choose the site on the size of the refback bonus.

If you see that HYIP offers, for example, only 10% of the bonus, and your referrer promises you a refback of 12%, the matter is not clear. Either he plays with words and you, as his referral, will receive 1.2% of the deposit body (12% of the bonus), or he is not what he seems to be and you just give away the money to a fraudster.
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