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Sep 3, 2019

I’m a motivated Merebel Investor since the beginning, so I will give my best to introduce you to this awesome investment possibility!

Merebel is an innovative Masternode cryptocurrency and unique international financial ecosystem based in Austria! Merebel developed the first EU-regulated Crypto bank with a wide range of investment services for Masternode cryptocurrencies! With this fair and innovative financial system. Merebel is a global player of the whole emerging banking industry for blockchain technology! The Merebel-Ecosystem is designed for investments and makes passive income possible for everyone. Merebel CryptocurrencyRebelNode VIP Investment Platform RebelNode Multi Investment Platform for earning Bitcoin.

Masternode hosting All-Inclusive-Service

Merebel Blockchain Bank 3.0

MasterMERIcard debit card

Support for the most important Masternodes

Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing Platform

Robust safety system for a smart future-proof financial system

Merebel coin will be the cornerstone of a modern Bank with masternode rewards as interest rates, so we want to use Masternode rewards as a residual income and means of payment in every day´s life. Now there are 2 incredible investment platforms 1. The RebelNode Masternode platform for earning Merebel coin and the new Multi-Masternode platform for earning Bitcoin. With their all-inclusive masternode service, gives investors the opportunity to invest without much effort.


Merebel is one of the strongest open-source Masternode blockchain currency in 2019 and offering ultra-fast transactions and low fees anonymously by combining a state-of-the-art decentralized solution and treasury management for governance.

Headquartered in Europe and backed with leading exceptional professionals Blockchain and Financial specialists.

The project has at this time a market cap of around 2,500,000$.

This was a little overview of the Merebel company.

Now I will explain the new and second awesome Blockchain investment Platform from Merebel.

To make things further exciting, the new platform launched by the Merebel program started at 08-08-2019 with 161,000$ market cap in the first month as per 04-09-2019 showing the success and enthusiasm of the team.

Merebel is in the Beta phase and offers a lucrative series of traditional masternode investments with an automated bitcoin reward exchange with its real-time decentralized Blockchain ecosystem. So now, earning bitcoin via setting up masternode technology is just a few clicks away.

The platform setup is quite easy which starts with register, invest with Bitcoin and choosing a Masternode package.

After this, you have invested in an all-inclusive service and Merebel will do the rest for you!

>automatic Masternode setup with high-tech-server hosting in few minutes > earning lifetime Masternode rewards > automatic Merebel to Bitcoin exchange > earn Bitcoins in your wallet.


Contrary to different masternode platform, Merebel offers real-time reward in bitcoin and the conversions happen within 8 hours to exchange your rewards.

Merebel will also offer more high-quality masternodes for its investors in the near future, but that’s not all!

They will also offer an investment package like a masternode pool whereby the user would get the average return of all underlying coins in the platform converted in bitcoin.

Next step for the year 2020 is a real estate crypto bank by Merebel where the masternode rewards can be converted into fiat earnings.

And the platform is not just limited to only masternode rewards, rather offers a series of multi-cashflow streams whereby a user can earn money via;

    • Various Masternode reward in Bitcoin. choose your Masternode package and earn Bitcoins
    • Masternode Pool rewarded with an automated Bitcoin exchange – an investment package where you can invest in all the different available Masternodes, and the average profit is automatically split between the investors.
    • Bitcoin wallet – The Merebel platform offers a real interlinked Bitcoin wallet as well for long term investors to keep their earnings saved.
    • MasterMERIcard – earn rewards in Fiat with your own debit card.
    • Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing Business plan
    • Initial Investment Requirement

So now, since the benefits have been discussed, here comes the initial investment part which can be further investigated here. Merebel currently offers three different investment programs which are mentioned below;


    • Starter Node: Initial investment requirement ~BTC/USD 500
    • Silver Node: Initial investment requirement ~BTC/USD 1,500
    • Gold Node: Initial investment requirement ~BTC/USD 3,000

The investment can be done in Bitcoin (depending upon the price of your chosen Masternode coin at the time of investment) *

Now I will introduce you to the Merebel Partner compensation plan

Merebel MLM Business Plan

While the underlying coin offers returns on top of the capital appreciation of Merebel; the platform also offers an affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing plan whereby a user can have infinity sub-distributors under them. The Merebel business distribution plan is a fair distribution system whereby users can increase their bitcoins by
referring other people to their investments and more.

1) Multi-level commissions, 2) Sponsor bonus, 3) Masternode reward bonus, 4) Rank advancement bonus 5) Leadership bonus pool

    • Multi-level commissions

Merebel MLM has unlimited infinity direct partners under the first level and goes up to 10 levels deep.

(The percentage are calculated by the total masternode package investment.)

The distribution of income till the 10th level is mentioned below;

MLM Commission Distribution

6.LEVEL = 1.5%​
2.LEVEL = 2%​
7.LEVEL = 1.5%​
3.LEVEL = 2%​
8.LEVEL = 2%​
4.LEVEL = 1.5%​
9.LEVEL = 2%​
5.LEVEL = 1.5%​
10.LEVEL = 2%​

    • Sponsor bonus

Under the sponsor bonus program, Merebel investors can earn from his direct partners 5% commission.

    • Masternode reward bonus

The third cash flow stream from Merebel comes in the form of masternode reward bonus. This happens when your referral partner intends to set up a masternode. As per the management guidelines, as user signup for masternode, the referee immediately gets the bonus from all his Masternode reward in the form of bitcoin up to 7% depending upon your rank.
    • Rank advancement

As the profile of each investor strengthens up, Merebel would increase its rank automatically and based on that, the Masternode commission reward bonus percentage would also go up.

The rank and point table scores are mentioned below;


    • Leadership bonus pool

As the rank of the users would come under top-ranked profiles, Merebel would compensate such investors additionally by offering leadership pool bonuses and would also share a percentage of quarterly sales. The percentage for sales reward is mentioned below;


Here are my investment and withdrawal screenshots.




Join Now: Merebel - Investment platform

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Sep 3, 2019
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Sep 3, 2019
What makes Masternode Pool unique?

When we were looking at other companies, there were some key features we were missing. Therefore we decided to respond to the need in the market and are proud to have some significant factors that differentiate us. Here are the most important of them:
  1. First Masternode Pool with an automated Bitcoin reward system: Get all your Masternode rewards in Bitcoin. With our fully automated exchange trading API software, all your rewards are automatically distributed in Bitcoins every 8 hours,
    This, in turn makes your investment a lot safer, as masternode coins can fluctuate a lot, so you can get the average ROI out and thus minimize the risk tremendously!
  2. Transparency: Our operations are fully transparent. You are able to independently verify our nodes and rewards. Unfortunately, lots of other companies only claim to be staking but aren’t in reality.Our Nodes and wallets are connected with each Blockchains, that makes Merebel-Ecosystem to a real Fintech-Blockchain-Investment-Platform.
  3. Sustainability: We tightly calculate our fees to offer attractive services to our users. However, we are also calculating so we can sustain for the long run. To secure operations, we always first deduct the fix costs before we are taking any rewards.
  4. Super simple user experience: Users do not have to worry about pledging or depositing different coins to operate a node. It's extremely comfortable to use with our all-inclusive masternode ecosystem!
  5. Self-service: Login to your Dashboard and manage it in your own terms. You do not have to contact us, simply use our intuitive userfriendly web interface to manage your account.
  6. Auto compounding: With your permission, we compound your rewards automatically, not every month, week, or day, but every single reward!
  7. Real-Bitcoin-Wallets: Every user have a real and very secure Bitcoin wallet.
  8. Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing distribution system: We are the first Masternode-pool with an Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing plan for our Sales partner.
  9. Incredible fast: Register, deposit and setup your Masternode package in few minutes.
  10. Stability and safety is excellent: Merebel has done a great job with their hosting infrastructure and securiy management. Merebel developed a system that is very stable and secure.
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