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Jun 26, 2018
The future nearby
Imagine youself a world, where you can earn some money just for what you're used to doing. For example for spending your time on the web, playing a game or watching a film. And this the future, which Impetus ICO team can build.

Today’s commercial market
Nowadays marketing isn’t developed very well. You see ads, which you don’t want to see, just because they’re annoying or you aren’t inerested in them.
From the other side, there is an adveriser, most of the money he spent on the advertisement go to the marketers, on fees or taxes. Sources, where this ads are get less than the half of that money. And, what is more, you as a viewer get nothing.


The simplest way to solve this problem is a blockchain system without any intermediaries, system’s fees or country’s taxes. One of this systems is Impetus One.

What a normal user get from it?
This system is changing th marketing from the ground: you’re not a target anymore, you’re now becoming a full partner with the company. And there three main innovations here:

To start with, while you’re watching ads in websites impetus AI find out which one you like and which one don’t. This way the next time you will get the commercials, which can be helpfull for you.

The other thing is that you can click on the add and make how it caled in the system “mission”.
For example you see an advertisement of Nike on you fitness app. And when you click on it you can join the competition in which you have to burn 20% calories a day for only three days and then get a 20$ discount on any of Nike products. And because it’s in blockchain no one can cheat you as well as you can’t cheat anybody. So that’s can be a problem for you.
And that’s not a fantasy, this a real ad on this system.

But the most intesting is that you get paid for watching this ads! Now you can easily earn money for what you always do. There of course won’t be a lot of money, but it’ll be enough to pay for phone, internet, netflix or something else.
Isn’t that cool?

What a customer get from it?
As somebody who want to advertise his product you are getting a whole new system, where the AI can help you to find group of people, who are interested in your product.
However you’re spending the same amount of money, you’ll pay less fees and no taxes. So owners of sites will get more and that way they’ll be more intersted in advertising your product.
And also instead of paying for clicks you’ll pay for completing “missions”, what can give much more benefits.

If you want to see more technical information, examples or details visit the full article on blog: Impetus PreICO is a remarkable investing in business advertising
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