ICO Projects aimed at Investors



Jun 26, 2018
Investing can be found as a very old or even ancient way of earning money, people used to giving money to somebody who better knows what to do with them to make their amount getting bigger and bigger.

Not long time ago, such thing as IPO was founded. Since that time, it is much easier for you to get some seed money for implementing your project. However, you still can’t attract money using IPO in case you aren’t a big company.

Being a group of people united by a common idea, you now have a chance to release what you’d like to, and maybe your project is going to change how the world goes round. This innovative way of getting money is called ICO, it’s almost the same comparing with IPO, but there are a few big differences such as:
  • Instead of shares your investors will have tokens (what is nearly shares, but in the digital world)
  • You don’t need any papers to run an ICO by yourself or by a team

On the other hand there are those, who’d like to give you their money - they call themselves investors. We aren’t going to talk about them a lot, but we are going to talk about something very interesting.

ICO Projects aimed at Investors

Take a look at this
  1. Person or team that has a brilliant idea
  2. Their ICO
  3. Investors
  4. ICOs aimed at making investment easier
It can be found very strange, though it isn’t such at all. These ICO projects specializing at the investment industry can be very different: anything from a platform to investing in a team, that in its turn, is going to invest the money given in something else.

It can be found as a really good opportunity by those, who would like to invest without big risks or without them at all. Investing in any ICO is very perspective, but investing in the ICO project dedicated to investments are even better, so try not to miss your chance and find a project that suits all your preferences now, because the really are giant amount of them.

And if you don’t know a lot about ICOs yet, this post is probably going to help you and change the situation a lot: What is an ICO? - ICO vs IPO - The most successful ICOs
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