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Finley Adams

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Sep 3, 2018
Internet seems incredibly perspective technology, but now we can see that it’s the biggest cause of our procrastination.

Wiki time
Procrastination - evolutionary body process, which is a simple time delay. That feeling when you have to do something, but thinks that it’ll be ok to do it a bit later. Because of this you starts doing everything just before the deadline, all your plans collapse and nothing works out.
To learn more about how it works, why and how to stop procrastinate, watch this TED talk:

We often watch stories on the instagram or scrolling our facebook, instead of working and learning.

But there’s a way out of this system. Social media that will reward you for leaving real life, what will give much more benefits and perspectives than reading celebrity news can)

Although this platform can be called social media 2.0, it’s called Kuende.

What functionality it has

It’s the first blockchain build social media that can reward for you real life activity. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

But it’s all pretty simple, all you have to do is complete special challenges. Most of them will involve to go somewhere out and do something special. For completing it, you will be rewarded in system tokens. With the help of which you can access to more challenges and some special activities.

ICO Kuende - level up your life today

During these challenges you will learn and try lots of new things, you might like. Big amount of them is developed by community, so you can even make your own.

Why is it trustworthy

For the last 3 years, since the project was launched, it was sponsored from lots of companies world wide and get $ 2.6 for investigations and development. During the closed token presale one of the biggest funds Dokia Capital have invested more than $ 3M in Kuende tokens.

Team isn’t less important, this project team has 24 members, 16 developers, 2 exGoogle.

Another big advantage of Keunde over its competitors is that they have their project done by the IVO start. You can download it and start your new life:

Download app from here

All that makes this project reliable enough to be absolutely sure about the quality of your potential investment.

Let’s discuss !t

Don’t be shy to tell your own opinion about this project and what do you think about real life, instead of social medias
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