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Jun 3, 2018
I think you should know the Binance and BNB Tokens if you are reading this review. Exactly one year ago this coin sold for $ 0.68, and today you can sell for $ 9.28. Investors could get more than 1364% of net profit.
Today we will talk about the token of another exchange. offers 25% of its net profit to the owners of the tokens. 1 IGT costs $1 now and you also can receive a 12% discount, so 1 IGTT for $0.87. The minimum investment in the Igt-Crypto is $100. If the cost of the token grows to at least $5, your profit will be more than 400% per year.
ICO will be launched by Roman Yefremenko and Yaroslav Denisov on the 03 Sep 2018. The exchange is already working and you can use it.

ICO Review 2018/09/03-2018/12/29

Igt-Crypto Financial Details

Token name: IGT, ERC20 type
Start ICO: 2018/09/03
End ICO: 2018/12/29
Country: Ireland

Token price: $1
Soft Cap: $1,000,000
Hard Cap: $12,600,000
ICO Bonus: 12% discount for 2 million tokens

You can invest from $100. ICO will distribute a maximum of 60% of the total number of tokens.

Real Benefit For Tokens Holders

On the main page, you can find a calculator of the expected income. For example, you will receive about $0.74 daily profit for every 100 IGT tokens if the daily turnover of the exchange will be $250 million. We think that it will be more profitable to sell coins when their price grows to 4 or more dollars.
At the same time, investments can be risky, despite the fact that the creators have passed the KYC procedure. By the way, the project will score 4.5 points for IcoBench.

Igt-Crypto: Future Plans

  • The exchange plans to issue Payment cards.
  • Obtaining a license for legalizing trade.
  • The creature of the cryptocurrency wallet.
We would have invested in the project if it has an opportunity to check the exchange’s program code or to get to know the developers of the resource more closely. But there is no such possibility.
See more: [PreICO]/[ICO] IGT — Unique Design Blending Decentralized And Centralized Systems 23 Aug 2018 – 29 Dec 2018
What do you think about this ICO?
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