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Jan 7, 2020
Sorry for my english but i am italian

Brief description of Hyper Capital:

✅ Developed by the HyperTech group, a conglomerate of the most powerful companies in the Blockchain industry.(listed below)

✅Ryan Xu(/founder), co-funder of BINANCE, founder of Blockchain Global, HyperCapital, HyperPay, Hcash and Blockchain Centre, is a respected and experienced entrepreneur who has already listed 5 multi-billion dollar companies. A real whale in the world market.

✅Instant Exchange where you can exchange Hypercash coin for USDT and other cryptocurrency at live market value 🔥

✅ You will not be at the mercy of the crypto markets like all other companies that rely on the bull market to generate profits. You are now with those who govern the market.

✅Hcash, a strategic partner of HyperCapital, a co-marketcap that has been on the market for 3 years and firmly in the top positions of the coinmarketcap (HyperCash) listed on major exchanges such as Binance, Bithumb, ZB, HitBTC, Huobi, Okex and KuCoin.
Among the main creators of HyperCash technology is Dr. JIe Liu, considered the creator of the Monero code and lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne.

✅3/4 of the companies in the HyperTech group (HCash Foundation, Collinstar, & Digital X) are officially supported by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, see the /partners!

✅ Lots of evidence on the /social media and videos of this extraordinary partnership.

✅ Already two products on the market, the portfolio (HyperPay) and the Hoo Wallet portfolio, both listed on the App Store and Play Store with over 500,000 users worldwide 🔥

✅ Unilevel, simple and remunerative compensation plan.

Itroduction video:

It is not a hyipe and it is not a site. It is an app where you buy licenses at a cost of $ 1000, every day you earn from a minimum of 0.5 to a maximum of 1% daily. Every $ 50 you can reinvest. The license expires upon reaching 300% of the value gain

At the beginning you get $ 50 in about 6 days, obviously if you reinvest the time will shorten

In addition, these people occasionally create cryptocurrency coin projects that investors will be able to buy for a few dollars and will have a very high value over time.

There is also a very interesting referral plan. You earn 20% of the earnings (non-deposit) of your referrals. For every referral you find, you unlock a new level of referral, so with two people you will also earn 15% of the "direct's referral". With three people, 10% of the "direct of referral's direct" etc. etc. up to 1%

You can watch better here

attention, important: registration by yourself is easy, but it is there to be guided because after registration you need help to buy the license. So please contact me if you are interested in starting this wonderful project or if you need further explanation

Where you can contact me:
- privately on the forum
- telegram: @ MarkMiller88
- mail: [email protected]
- facebook:

if you want to start recording:

Download APP Link:

After you insert as referral ID: miroshima

If you have telegram @hypercapitalmainbot follow this bot that will provide you with explanations
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Jan 7, 2020
I’m sure by now many of you have noticed the latest app update and some new features inside that you may be unsure of, so we wanted to provide some clarity:

1. New EXN Token: This is our latest token that we are launching. It will be available for purchase soon by using your HU balance. Stay tuned for further announcements!

2. The MOF “Pledge” system. This is a new way for members to loan out 50% of their MOF for fast USDT and the ability to profit even more! This will be explained in detail in an upcoming recorded video for all members to understand more clearly.

We have new updates upcoming as well and we have started the process for getting on the App Store and Google Play! Stay tuned 🔥

Let’s move mountains 🏔 in the blockchain industry as the worlds strongest community.


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Jan 7, 2020
Hello everyone!
Here is finally the news related to the new Hyper Community project in which all active members can participate🔥

🔰 The project is based on the creation of a decentralized exchange dedicated to derivatives (raw materials and crypto)
🔰 Expected realization date June 2020
🔰 Exn will be the currency of the exchange commission as Binance coin (BNB) is for Binance🔅

At the moment we can acquire Exn with Mofs taken from the derived earnings of the licenses.
Here's how to do it:

1. Convert HU to Mof
2. Keep at least 1 HU in the "Financial" section
3. Convert Mof to Exn

✅ Some considerations ..

Once purchased Exn not purchased, exchange it again until the launch of the Exchange.
There are 80 million coins, the unsold ones will be burned on the date of the exchange: consequently the price will increase due to the demand and supply 🥂

Once again Hyper Community proves to be the strongest ecosystem in the world! 🍀


If you are not yet part of this great opportunity, contact me in private!

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