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Nov 8, 2018
HYIP monitoring: how to invest properly

We have created and now maintain the HYIP monitoring in order to ensure that our users have access to a list of current and paying projects. We also want you to have an opportunity to manage your as efficiently as possible.

There is a set of recommendations and opportunities that will help you make a profit and not to remain in the red after participating in HYIP projects, which is one of the varieties of modern online investment:
- Try to participate in projects that have real investment plans. For example, with an HYIP investment of 4% for 1 day, the deposit is returned more preferably than in an HYIP with 5% per day on an indefinite basis. The same 10%ers live up to 130-140% of payback very rarely, so it’s risky to participate in them even if you come from the start.
- Pay attention to the quality of the HYIP performance. There should be no mistakes in the texts, and the functionality must be working on full. If there are any flaws, it shows that the project hasn’t been properly prepared. It also can show the inexperience of the administrator, who can create a lot of such projects, thinking about the quantity, but not the quality. But we need quality! You should remember that only a high-quality project would work longer!
- Go to the project at the start or in the middle. Of course, it is easier to give an advice than to predict when it will end. So, you need to at least understand it and try to do so.

Hyipadvisers.com - The best HYIP monitor gives the most accurate and reliable information

Now let’s talk about the “goodies” that our portal provides to investors:
- Use the calculator of investment probability. You will find it on the page of detailed description for each HYIP project. There are more than 2 years of monitoring in the database of our calculator. So you will know what to expect from this or that HYIP.
- Enable the notifications present on the same page of the HYIP detailed description. In this case, you will instantly know about the changes in the status of the HYIP. What does it mean? At least you will not make a deposit to the scam, and, moreover, you will be able to make timely application for the payment of insurance in time.
- After the deposit was made, order the HYIP RCB. This way, a few percents of the deposit will immediately return.
- What should be done in case of a scam? – Just order insurance. Almost all projects that are added to the HYIP monitor have an insurance fund. It will cover your losses partly or in whole.
- Diversify your investments. In other words: do not invest all the money in one HYIP. It’s better to invest in 10-20 of them, but not at once. You can’t find so many worthy projects at once. And do not limit yourself with HYIPs only, because there is also such things as profitable and reliable cloud mining, ICO. There are also for those who love risk and adrenaline.
- Never invest in HYIPs more than you are ready to lose.
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