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Jul 9, 2019
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Hyip-Money - Hyp monitoring of investment projects. Project reviews are an opportunity to get maximum information about projects and how to make money on them for everyone. We monitor projects on the solvency and accessibility of the site, so that our partners and clients are always up to date with the correct information about a particular project.

Hyip-Money services for investors:

constant updating of v monitoring;
high yield offer;
deposit insurance;
refbacks for partners from 50%;

For site administrators:

reasonable prices for monitoring;
insurance of investors and referrals;
creation and posting of payments on monitoring and on popular forums;
creating a video review on our Youtube channel;
placement of banners on monitoring;
advertising on third-party resources to increase attendance and attract people to the project;

Our contacts :

Telegram - https://t-do.ru/hyip_money
Email - [email protected]

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