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Jul 27, 2018
Good day! Today we will get acquainted with the next update of the blog – meet reviews about Loany24 com ( ). It is well prepared, which attracted my attention. Further in the review we will consider in detail what this HYIP is interesting for.
HYIP with a well-developed legend about lending, which looks very convincing. The site began its work on August 24, while it has no extensive distribution and you can meet reviews about Loany24 com only on some resources that are engaged in network development of projects.

The Fund is definitely worthy of attention, at least for the reason that it is well prepared and offers working conditions for cooperation for investors. In General, everything looks very convincing – a colorful website with a lot of information that issues loans secured by cryptocurrency, and investment and affiliate program are like an additional direction of its activities. The most important thing is that through the site you can really take loans, it's not just a legend, but real activity — at least for now, how things will go in the future is unknown.
This is not the first project with such a legend and such a level, many of them have worked for years (and still work). What is visible now is the desire to start smoothly and work in a stable mode. As for the administration, it should be noted that the development of HYIP and its management is conducted competently and competently. Plus I note the lack of listings – as far as I know, everyone who now advertises Loany24, enter at their own expense, and this already makes you think about a lot.
Company info
Loany24 itself acts as an intermediary between the borrower and the lender (investor) and receives its income in the form of commissions. In addition to real activities, the project presents us with a plan for further development. It will be interesting to see how this road map will be implemented in practice.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

Investment conditions
Marketing is presented in the form of four plans with daily profitability, of which the first two tariffs can be considered the most affordable.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

The most democratic plan has a corresponding name — "Simple". Under its terms, we will accrue 0.7% per day for 1 year. In this case, the amount of investment is from $ 50 to$ 499, and the body of the Deposit is included in the regular payments. Thus, on the 143rd day of the Deposit, the investor will reach breakeven, in total, it will be possible to earn 155.5% of the net yield.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

According to the "Beginner" plan, the interest rate is set at 0.8% per day, and the term of the Deposit is still 365 days. The entrance is open for deposits from $ 500 to$ 2999, which makes it available not for all participants. Under the terms of the marketing for the 125-day is expected to exit in profit, and the total will be earned by 192% clean.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

In order to invest in the tariff "Advanced", you must have at your disposal the amount of$3000. The profitability of the plan is 0.9%, which for 1 year of work will bring a profit of 228.5%. Breakeven occurs on the 112th day.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

The plan for VIP investors "Maximum" is the most profitable, but because of the high entry amount of$ 10,000, it is likely to be deprived of attention from the participants. Under the terms of the tariff, the daily percentage of return is 1%, which implies a total yield of 265% profit and breakeven on the 100th day of investment.

Loyal Investor
Loany24 also provides for a reserve Fund, which will collect funds in case of any force majeure. The essence of this idea is that when investing in any tariff, when you will be paid in total with a Deposit of 150%, the accruals will stop or you will donate (depending on the tariff) from 10% to 40% to the reserve Fund and the payment of profits will continue until the end of the tariff plan.
The Deposit and withdrawal
You can invest not only dollars, rubles, hryvnia, Euro, tenge, but also cryptocurrency. To do this, connected payments and banks: AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi, Sberbank, Tinkoff, AlfaBank, PrivatBank, Monobank, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
The minimum investment amount is 50$, 50€, 1000 UAH, 3000 rubles, 15 000 tenge, 0.01 BTC, 0.2 ETH, 1 LTC. For another crypt, the minimum payout is$50.
There is no conversion, you get profit in the currency in which you made the investment.
You can withdraw at least 1$, 1€, 5 UAH, 10 rubles, 15 000 tenge. The minimum withdrawal amount for the crypt is$ 5, and the card can be sent from 100 rubles or 50 UAH.
There is no reinvestment from the balance.
You can bet on withdrawal from Friday to Monday. Payments in the period from Sunday to Wednesday inclusive.

Affiliate program
Loany24 offers great opportunities for partners. The initial bonus is available for all partners and is 5% -2% -1% of the attracted deposits.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

When certain turnover is reached, the profitability of attracted deposits will increase, both due to the increase in interest and due to additional levels.
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

For the most active partners, the payment of remuneration is provided not only from the Deposit, but also from the daily profitability of referrals:
HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]

In addition, there are 21 career status, the achievement of which is accompanied by the receipt of bonuses from$ 50 to$ 1 million.

Instructions for working with Loany24 com
My review and feedback about Loany24 com are coming to an end, it remains only to tell how to work with the project.

1. Click to go to the main page.
2. Next, click at the top of the "Open account"page.
3. In the registration form, you can skip the line "How did you know about Loany24 com" and do not specify your telegram, if you do not consider it necessary. The rest of the information is required, so prescribe login, e-mail, password and click "Register", simultaneously making sure that your inviter I(businessfavorit)

Creating a Deposit

To invest, first replenish your account, go to the" Top up balance " section of the side menu and fill out an application there. It specifies the method of payment (payment), the amount and press the confirm button. It remains only to pay the bill.

You can activate the tariff in the "Open a new Deposit"section.

Withdrawal of funds

The profit will be credited to your account every day, and you can withdraw it to your wallet or card through the "Withdraw funds"section. Do not forget that each currency has its own minimum withdrawal amount, and the application is processed manually — from Sunday to Wednesday inclusive.

That's all I had, it was a review and feedback about Loany24 com – a new project in my portfolio that has everything for a good job. What do you think about the company? Tell me in the comments. Also I will be glad to see your posts about payments. Good luck!

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HYIP Loany24 [From 0.7% to 1% Daily Profit]


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