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Dec 20, 2018
Los Angeles
• Hyipindustry.com started its work on 11/21/2018 by adding its first project.
• Our team in the Hyip industry for quite a long time, so that experience we do not hold.
• Our monitoring provides detailed information on all projects..
• We do not stand still and are constantly evolving, improving monitoring, adding new features and sections..
• Projects added to the monitoring are constantly monitored and recorded payments.
• Detailed reviews of projects, notification in social networks
Our advantages
• Personal account, where you can mark payments, bonuses and see the overall picture of investments,% of payments, profit (in development)
• RCB is on all projects, the minimum RCB is 100% of the amount of the referral commission in the project.
• You can order RCB on Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash
• We strive to ensure that the administration of projects allocated "insurance"
Payment for activity on monitoring
• Payment for feedback on projects, unsubscribe about payments on monitoring (in development)
• Bonus for any RCB order to registered users (under development)
• Monthly bonus to top investors from 1st to 5th place (in development)
• As well as many interesting things on our monitoring.

We are in social networks

• Group FacebookPinterest
• Channel Telegram • Chat Telegram
• Group VK • Group OK
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Dec 26, 2018
ITN Group
Running date: March 16, 2019
Investment approval: BTC, ETH, DASH.
Minimum investment: $ 50
Minimum withdrawal: $ 10
Payment: Manual - Pay within 3-5 days
Interest paid: 7 days / week.
Investment interest: Withdrawal on the 1st and the 15th of every month
Bonus from referral: Draw every Friday
Members who do not verify the information: Draw up to $ 500 for 2 weeks and up to $ 1,000 monthly
Members verify information: withdraw up to 500k $ monthly. So whoever does the system should verify the information.
Investment return: No, which is included in the interest.

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