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Aug 27, 2018
Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Cryptoinvestbest.
It is a page that offers you 3 investment plans where you get a % daily profit as they use the investment to trade different cryptom currencies.


Attached is proof of withdrawal. If you like you can write me for any additional information.

Basic Information:
To make a profit you need to invest, accept BTC, BCH, LTC.

Min. investment: 0.00100000
Max investment: 1.0000000000
Min withdrawal: 0.0004000000 (Read the windrawal fee policies).

You can get the referral link after you invest you earn 3% of what the referral invests in your available withdrawal balance.

It has 3 Plans.

Plan 1
110% after
10 calendar days

Plan 2
3% Work Day
70 Working Days
210% profit plus investment at the end of 70 working days.

Plan 3
5% work Day
30 Workinh Days
150% profit plus investment at the end of the 30 working days.


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