How to Win in Online Casino



Jun 26, 2018
It is common for casinos’ ads to offer easy money, what is important the big ones. As a result lots of people have a question: “Is it really to win in an online casino?”. There are lots of advice that are aimed to make your the winner. And lots of such advice aren’t kept in secret. Beat a casino is absolutely real, any expert will tell you this. However, it’s not as simple, the most important is to learn strategies and know all the recommendation.

By the way, it’s not enough to win big amount of money in a casino, it’s also very important to avoid fraudsters, fiscal and law-enforcement agencies. Obviously, getting a big prize on your bank account would cause lots of questions from watch dogs such as police or tax inspection. If you don’t want to face these problems, you should play in casinos that support transactions in cryptocurrencies - bitcoin and altcoins. It is the easiest way to keep your identity in secret as well as getting your prize way too faster.

Is it possible to win

To find answer for such question you have to take an objective look at all the situations. Remember that full lack of wins is the worst advertising of any gambling company, so it’s absolutely possible to win. However, casino is the only winner in most cases. For example, big amount of games requires a few players, and if even two of them wins, casino still gets the bets of other people.

Sequently, casino can potentially let you win, but not without other people losing. Also, casino always shows the winners’ names or logins. It’s very easy, popular and strong advertising. Furthermore, it’s important to keep loyal players such, and giving them prizes is time-honoured strategy for this. To sum up everything, full lack of wins in online casinos is a myth, and it is already busted.

How to Win in Online Casino

We now see that make a fortune in a casino is within reason.

How to win in poker

To win lots of money, it’s a good idea to play in poker. This legendary game has lots of players that have proven their loyalty. But at first you have to learn some basic rules. If you have an opportunity to do lots of bets, prize won’t be far away. Let’s take a look at a few ways:

  • Exceptional entering during cards card dealing. Why spend more money to get good cards. Instead, it’d be better to notice players’ gameflows.
  • It’s unreal to be the winner all the time, but it’s really to be such more often by using starting cards chart technique. In most cases beginners tries to stay in game till the end, despite what cards they have.
  • Always do game profitably, don’t think about the others’ opinion.
  • There is no need to bluff against tight players, because they play with good cards and always get every game done.
  • Don’t be a passive player, have a situation under your control as well as your loses. It’s important to get in the middle of play, neither aggressive nor passive.

Other techniques for winning in online casinos

Let’s discuss the most popular of them used by experienced players to be almost permanent winners in any casino:

  1. Modern technologies give you an opportunity not to play alone. For example, you can look at how other people play.
  2. You can do bets on bonus money, if the rules allow.
  3. Most spread and popular Martingale technique. It consists in certain consistency. You make a bit at the start, and it’s continued in case of winning. If you lose, you make a bet bigger to play the previous lose back as well as getting certain profit.
  4. Often basic of success can be giant deposit for big loose and opportunity of making bigger bets.
  5. Collect all the information about your plays, wins, loses, bets, efficiency, techniques, strategies used and so on. Visualization and analyzing will make it easier to find the best solution for you.

How to win in a roulette

Sometimes, users play in roulette using their own strategies. Lots of them are based on the probability theory and its rules. These are the most popular of them:

  • Making the bets bigger in order to play your losses back
  • Change the color you bet on every time. Red at first, black the next time and so on. If you got zero, next bet should be on the other color.
This example shows the game’s features, but the inside side of roulette can be very different in every place. Further, there are some information about that casinos record IPs of those who have recently loosed. Such player them will have less chances of playing back.


No one knows for sure how to win in a casino, so it is unreal to be the permanent winner, however it is absolutely real to become winner more often if you follow few advice.

To begin with, you have to notice that you must do nothing against laws as well as rules - for example, recoding slots. Such things won’t give you positive effect, will block you access to most casinos or even send to jail at worst. Sequently you should use no techniques, but time-honoured and legal ones.

Every casino has its own winning percent in accordance to the bets sum. Online gambling giants usually sets around 96-97% of winning. However, for the basic slots this number will be much lower, due to what your winning chance is getting lower as well. So experts highly recommend you to find out the winning percentage at the very beginning.

In case you follow all the tips and advice above, you wins. There is a chance to win in every reliable casino, and it’s much bigger than you used to think. And by the way, If you’ve got lucky and won not small prize, it would be better to withdraw it using bitcoin. Nowadays, everyone knows that this cryptocurrency offers fast and anonymous transaction, so you were able to keep your identity in secret.
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