How to Secure Funds When Trading Online (Part1)



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Jun 18, 2018
As HYIPs operate with large sums of money and have a very dubious protection, it is logical that there are many hackers around such projects. To protect yourself from huge losses, you need to take care of personal information security. By using our recommendations, you can improve your computer security and therefore personal and commercial data.

Separate Mail for Investment Projects

To work with HYIP projects, please create a separate email account. This is a very important point, because when you use the basic e-mail, you will be snowed by spam at best, at the worst you’ll be hacked in the first few days.

Ideally, it is recommended to create a new account for each project. To avoid confusion please create an Excel table or a Word document, where you will fix email accounts and passwords to them.

How to Secure Funds When Trading Online  (Part1)

Mail for Payment Systems

Also make sure to create a separate email account to log in payment systems. Even if you have had an account with the required EPS, it is better to be safe and to create separate accounts that will be used only for the reception / transmission of funds to the HYIP, and the main accounts will be used to hold a deposit and take profits. Send the amount needed to replenish in one or more of the planned projects to the reserve account of EPS (for HYIPs). It is not necessary to keep extra money on these accounts.

When you create email accounts for EPS it is recommended to use a mail server Google Gmail. It uses reliable protection against break-ins, and you can adjust the monitor at IP address, authentication by SMS and logging, which is recommended to activate and use.

Separate Usernames and Passwords for Each Account

The same recommendation are actual for usernames and passwords for all services — mail accounts, accounts in HYPEs, these payment systems — do not go for simplicity. Create new usernames and passwords for each service. Fix all data in the journal, systemize not to remember everything.

To minimize all the complexity you can use some algorithms and change ends. For example, as logins for HYIP projects — [email protected] # 001, and change only the last digit.

When you create usernames and passwords it is recommended to use different registers of the Latin alphabet, as well as symbols and numbers. Create passwords of at least 10 characters. Do not duplicate usernames and passwords.

Antivirus Protection

Before you even begin to work with finance online, it is necessary to provide software system protection from viruses and unauthorized access. For this purpose, install a reliable anti-virus, firewall and anti Trojan on your computer.

Secure Internet Connection
To be on the safe side, work only with the HYIPs that have SSL certificate, and are DDos protected. Secured site can be identified by the presence of the icon “lock” in the address bar, and the address that begins with «https: //».

To work with HYIP projects and payment systems for them, it is recommended to use a web browser Google Chrome, because it provides optimal secure connection. Even more preferred option is to use the browser with its own encryption system, such as TOR Browser.

However you should use this browser only to work with HYIPs and exclude casual Internet surfing through it. Also, when you register and login to the various services it is worth storing passwords, using the AutoComplete feature, disabling cookies saving.

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Oct 9, 2019
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