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Jun 26, 2018
Online casinos don’t seem to be something curious these days, it is just easy-access entertainment. Such resources are attended by millions of players from every part of the world. And their popularity is getting bigger every year. Largely it is facilitated by blockchain technology development as well as dissemination of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It helps to keep you personal and financial data in secret from third persons, including watchdogs or government. Thanks to transactions in bitcoin and altcoins, you’re now able to get your prize fast, staying absolutely unknown. It may be find even more helpful in countries, where online gambling is forbidden or is under big restrictions. However, even in more liberal countries government can politely ask you to give them a part of your prize in, for example, taxes. Ironically when the size of your winning is much less than the size of your previous lose.

Despite the promises of easy money, every beginner have to know how to start playing in casino safely. So let’s look at how to do so step by step.

Registering an account

Before opening an account you should always read terms and conditions of the exact casino in special section. Make sure that you have no questions for every point there, in case you do, ask customer service for help. Then you can sign up.

It should be intuitively clear. For this you have to complete the form, confirm your email or phone number. Usually you can find a detailed guide of registration process on the casino’s main page.

Often beginners can make some mistakes that may cause them big problems with admins. It is forbidden to:
  • Use bank account and cards of other people
  • Make more than one account in the same casino
  • Tell the wrong information about yourself
  • Ignore requirement verification of your contact data
If you violate these basic rules, you account is banned because of suspicion in fraud. After what, you will have to work hard to get it back.

Take a bonus on the first deposit or not?

Lots of beginners are sure that if they deposit $100 and get $50, they can immediately withdraw them. However, in fact it’s not as simple. You can use your welcome bonus a few times in the game. But you can’t bit more than it’s allowed to, otherwise your prize will be annulled and you won’t be able to do nothing. Some experts say that it’s better not to use any bonuses until you know how to play with them right or your losing chance is bigger. Anyway, all of these is up to the player.

How to play in online casino

Financial problems

Every online casino offers you to play in demo mode to test your luck. As a beginner, you shouldn't miss such opportunity. At the start you have to learn more about casino as well as its rules, then and only then play on real money. If you have already chosen to play, register an account following all the advice upper.

As soon as you signed up, you need to put some money in your wallet. Usually you can use Perfect Money, Payeer or Neteller. During the last time bitcoin is considered to be the best payment system for gambling industry. Most of the internet users already know about it. If casino offers you to put some money using it, chose it, because it’s the most safe and convenient option. More and more casinos are starting to accept cryptocurrencies every day for good reason.

How to play in online casinos

Making small bits is deprecated, because when you play such way, you don’t pay attention how you lose and you’re unable to win a lot. For example, you have $200, you make deposits in size of $5 and you make bets of $1-2. But in case player is ready to lose his $200, he has to deposit them at once. Then he will have enough money for 50-100 bets in the slot, if one costs about $4. The player now has an opportunity to win big prize.

On the other hand, if you want to make small bits, around $1, you can win only a small cash as well, but you will always have to add more and more money on your account. At the end you have lost big amount of money as well as time.

Advantages and disadvantages of online casinos

If you have ever played in the real world casino, you now that they serve free alcohol to their players. Obviously there isn’t such option in online casinos, however on the other hand it’s very big advantage, because you’re going to play sober and think better.

Ability to play online casino anywhere anytime you’d like is considered to be the main advantage, the only requirement is access to the internet, so you can easily do it in transport or even in your bathroom.

Beginners have to remember that play to test your luck and for real money are extremely different. In demo mode, player always take risk as well as making incredibly high bits, while in the real game he is careful and thinks twice.

You should also notice that in lots of online casinos money can’t be withdrawn immediately. You have to wait at least a few hours and a few days at most. It is done to prevent scams. By the way, if you play using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you can be sure that you will get your prize in no more than a few minutes. In case you’re waiting for you money too long, you should ask for help in the customer service - they will give a complete answer on any of your questions.

To sum up everything, play in online casino is easy even for a beginner, but you have to always follow a few basic advice unless you want to be sorry. Read rules and terms of the exact casino first and never be shy asking for help or support.
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