How to Mine Token EM and Get Free Token



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Jun 14, 2019
Hi everyone,
There is a very potential project called Empow that I’m following recently. This project has just been launched in August 30 and now they are giving away coupon code notification for all Empow Wallet users.
In order to get the EM code, all you have to do is create Empow Wallet and take a daily roll call. Take a roll call at “Connect” section as shown in the picture.
How to Mine Token EM and Get Free Token

Currently, it is acceptable to take a roll call by TRX and ETH. Therefore, you are allowed to take roll call twice per day. The number of the code obtained in each roll call is random. I have just got once with more than 100 EM and the others is 22, 36, 56, 71....EM.
When there are enough 300 EM, you can revoke to your wallet so as to get Private Key and not to change your mind. This picture below shows how I revoked EM to my Empow Wallet.
How to Mine Token EM and Get Free Token

In addition, you will also get the code by using Empow Wallet to interact with Dapps of TRON, ETH and EOS. This is how I used Empow Wallet to interact with Wink.
How to Mine Token EM and Get Free Token

There is a list of Dapps that they’ve detailed on You can get access to that website to check which Dapps will help you exploit more code EM. As it is now:
Makerdao: 1 + 42 EM/transaction
Wink: 1 + 20 EM/transaction
Tronext: 1 + 13.5 EM/transaction
How to Mine Token EM and Get Free Token

The only costs involved will be the transaction fees with Dapps. However, you will receive more token when using Empow Wallet to interact with Dapps.
I registered for Empow Wallet right after they released it. In regard to techniques, it seems to be reliable with strict security. I can feel safe when keeping the Private Key and the software interface is very easy to use. Generally, it’s really worth having a try.
If anyone wants to join Dapps EOS, you can create EOS account via TRON, ETH, EOS and USDT!
I’m totally supporting this project. You have got to be in it to win it! It’s in the bag!
Project Website:
You can download Empow Wallet on this link:

Empow Wallet
Empow Wallet is a centralized wallet that provides benefits and security to users.
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