How to make money without a website



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Aug 20, 2018

Any website is a very effective tool, which marketers can use to engage visitors and catch their attention. It helps you increase your conversion rate, get more traffic and clicks. Still, there are a lot of possibilities to make money online without it. Such opportunities are perfect for newbies, who can’t afford decent budget but eager to enter the market.​

Everything you need to start earning money online without your own site is some basic skills, creativity and a substantial knowledge of the sphere you’re going to work with.

Traffic arbitrage without a website

We all know that landing pages usually increase your CTR and conversion rate. However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to work without them. Moreover, there are niches where direct linking is way better.

So, how can you earn money here? Well, the idea is to buy clicks from some traffic broker and then send the traffic to appropriate offers. Your profit is the difference between your reward and clicks purchasing price. All this requires some initial budget, but the profit also may be very high. The best thing about it is that you know exactly what traffic you buy and where do yo send it. So, it should help you find a perfect match between offers and traffic.

Making money without paid traffic

There are a couple of lucrative opportunities here. First, you can use blogs and forums to promote products and services. Just insert appropriate referral links into your posts. One thing you should bear in mind is that you shouldn’t do it just after you’ve registered. You have to become a trusted user, whose posts and comments have a certain value to other members.

The second platform you can use for advertising is YouTube. This is the worlds’ largest network, which provides visual content. It has billions of viewers, so the opportunities for business are very wide here. Your goal is to create a channel with many subscribers, who’ll trust the info you deliver. It’ll be perfect to become an authority in your niche. After that you can start promoting various topic-related products on your channel.

The last option here is to use e-mail funnel to reach web users. The first step is to create a big database. You can use social networks for that. When you’re done with it, you can start advertising via e-mails. Such approach might be more than lucrative in certain niches.

A good way to earn money for skillful writers

If you’re sure your writing is really good, you can start publishing e-books. Selling them in web stores can deliver decent money, but you can also make them free to download and use the whole thing to promote products and services. You can do that by adding referral links to the text, for example. But be careful with it. Don’t use too many links and make sure things you promote are related to the topic of your writing.
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Feb 27, 2019
Thanks for this tutorial. I have one idea how i can use it

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