How to invest in ICO Projects if you don't want to lose your Money



Jun 26, 2018
The proper way of investing in ICO projects, or how not to lose your money when all are losing their money, while the industry has been going down.

Very bad news are coming from the people connected to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been going down in price for almost a year and you might have already lost your face in the great future of blockchain technology. If you haven't, however, there are probably two reasons why it is so.

How to invest in ICO projects if you don't want to lose your money

First of all, you probably aren't very involved in the crypto as an industry. Have been reading all the news, sitting on the back of your chair, been keeping your hand on the cryptocurrencies’ pulse, but still don't have registered a wallet or even had but since that time there was no transaction of yours in blockchain.

The second reason why you should have left the industry (so less people were there and the competitiveness was much lower) is that 97% of all investors have stopped their precious work during the last 10 month.

How the CoinShedule report says despite the fact of global fall of the cryptocurrency market, quantity of ICO project stays on the same level, but scams are becoming more spreaded, so if you are interested in investments you should be extremely careful these days. What is more, you can find yourself scammed even doing common payments:

How to keep your Money, especially Crypto, away from Scammers -

Fewer amount of people involved in the market means less competitiveness and bigger changes to get some money investing. And after long falling down cryptocurrency industry are in the exact situation when you can start your investing career and become a part of the technology that will become inseparable from our societies pretty soon.

To start your investment route obviously you need some basic knowledge, fortunately for you all the information needed can be found on this forum - there is really a lot to read or even watch here.

After getting understanding of the very fundamental, it is time for you to get the first real experience. Register a wallet either bitcoin or ethereum, because these are the most used currencies if talk about investing in ICO projects. Finding the right project for you can be pretty hard, especially if you have no experience at all, but it is only so for the first time.

Choosing the project to invest in, you should take a few main aspects in count:
  • Reliability. Crypto means freedom, what means that you can't be sure in anything. Because the fact it is extremely easy to start an ICO there are lots of scammers, that will disappear with your money as soon as ICO is ended. If you don't want to find yourself with all the money stolen, take a look at the project team (are they real people and where what have been doing so far), it is also a good sign when project has an official status somewhere overseas.
  • Is it worth it. If the project team is working on a platform that will be used by million of people daily such project will bring your lots of benefits and big income. On the other hand, team working on something absolutely useless (the most spread ICO project type)
Taking all of these factors in count, it will be pretty easy for you to find the right project to invest and get benefits.
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Jun 18, 2019
Nice info! Since IEOs are getting more and more popular these days, maybe it's time for someone to write another guide :D Or share any experience. IEOs seem to be a less risky investment because at least there should be some serious due diligence if the IEO was held on a reputable platform.

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