How to Find the Best HYIP Programs



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Sep 14, 2018
Hi all, let me introduce myself.

I've been in the HYIP game since 2013 - way back when Liberty Reserve was still online (remember those good times).

I recently wrote a blog post on my website on .

I will summarize the main points here.

1. Check how much has been invested in the HYIP over time
You can use tools such as to check how much has been invested in an HYIP over time. If the graph goes up exponentially then it is a good indicator of a healthy HYIP program.

2. Comments & Votes
Check what other users are saying about the HYIP. Not just monitors but actual other investors.

3. Check how professional the HYIP looks
Always check how much effort has been put into the HYIP website.

4. Online presence
Check how much online presence the HYIP has. You can measure online presence with the following things:
  • How many monitors does the HYIP have?
  • How much advertisement banners does the HYIP have?
  • How many visitors does the HYIP program have?
Good luck with your investment journey!
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Nov 23, 2019
Thanks for sharing

I will read carefull your blog

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