How AI will affect our lifestyle. ICO projects



Jun 26, 2018
Will ICO projects affect the Artificial Intelligent and how and when it can change the world we used to, adding some more things to our routine

People have been scared about the AI created by human and destroying the humanity, in fact however, this idea is a bit different from what we will have in the future, so let's figure this out right now.

How AI will affect our lifestyle. ICO projects

So the basic problem is that while ICO project workers are pretty specialized not lots of common people can say what the Artificial Intelligence means. It considered to be a computer that thinks the way a human do, but due to the physiological nature of a man and the fact that computer algorithms are based on math, unfortunately it can't be true. Unless until we learn all the cognitive functions of the brain and describe them using very hard math, as soon as it happens we will become able to create a computer model of a brain similar to the human one or even a digital copy of the exact person.

But again first of all we still don't know how the brain functions, including memory, attention, thinking work, how they cooperate and what hormones are used for. Secondly, what we already know for sure make creating a 'digital brain’ seems unreal. For example, modern hard drive can't contain as much memory as a brain do and even SSD speed isn't enough. But ICO projects based on AI development are working really hard right now to find answers for all the problems as well as finding keys for all the problems.

Turing test

Not long time ago an interesting thing has happened. Artificial Intelligence of a Chinese company Alibaba has passed the Turing test, at that moment everyone thought that here it is - the brave new world is somewhere nearby and we're going to step in it very soon.

It was true, during the testing robot was absolutely similar to a man, but another factor is important here - Turing test make an emphasis on that a computer has to be indistinguishable from a real person during a dialog, but it isn't necessary for a computer to think the same way as a person to pass the test. So the very problem is consists in test description published by Alan Turing - it can only check intelligence-like behaviors, but not the intelligence itself. Here it is:

"Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the imitation game?"
So nowadays technologies aren't going to help our lives or kill ourselves.
Knowing about that Turing test can't make it easier to find out about the machines Intelligence, we need a new test that wasn't still proposed. Maybe it will become easier to create such after learning all the problems of the old one.

Social Problems

Another what makes people scared and what most of ICO projects consider to be their main purpose is changing the life we all used to. Computers have changed our lives, internet did the same, blockchain is affecting nowadays and AI will be doing such a thing.

You now don't worry about that technologies that are already in our lives can cause something bad, i.e. people losing their jobs or even the whole world destroying. But taking a look in the history, asking people who lives at time when these technologies were at the very beginning we can find out that people back than were no less scared that we are right now.

Artificial Intelligence will become inseparable from our lives and as soon as it is we will no longer be able to imagine ourselves without this. But as always there's nothing you should worry about because nothing bad can happen, on the other hand, if you believe in perceptiveness of AI investing in dedicated ICO projects would be a good thing to start with to bring such a powerful technology to us.
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