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Jun 3, 2018
ICO team takes care of cybersecurity as the most vulnerable side of any organization. Data protection decisions become obsolete every minute due to the fact that being a hacker or cybercriminal is fashionable in over the world. According to the company’s forecast, in the 2021 year, organizations will lack about 3,000,000 employees to ensure a minimum level of cybersecurity in all areas. Just as machinery used to replace many people in different manufacturing processes, so artificial intelligence will replace cybersecurity employees. Who are these people who plan to make a decentralization revolution?

Project Team

The team leaders and founders of the company are Chad Bennett, Dave McDonald. They passed ICO KYC. Chad has worked for 15 years in cybersecurity. Dave previously worked for Dell, Motorola, Nortel brands. None of the team members have experience in creating of ICO campaigns.

Heroic Milestones

The team plans to develop the project within two years. Heroic leaders divide the campaign’s future into five main stages:
  • They create tokens, sell it, add it on a listing, Guardian Early Adopter Release;
  • Public Release of HEROIC Guardian, documentation, launching an affiliate program;
  • HEROIC Arc Reactor for battery life, the release of a mobile application;
  • Platform Specific Beta Releases, testing, language support;
  • Product Launch, AI-Powered Threat Scoring Engine.
Investment Info

I added financial information about the process of buying and using HRO tokens to the blog Heroic ICO as a Way to Secure Your Data. These are standard ERC20 tokens.


offers a strong team now. They plan to develop the product necessary for the industry. AI in cybersecurity cannot identify all types of dangers today, so business owners must hire cybersecurity professionals. The main advantage of this competitive ICO is the off-the-shelf MVP.
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