HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity



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Nov 26, 2018
-----------------this is official introduction but a little bit down you have shorter explantion "HOW IT WORKS"----------------------

Hashing Ad Space is an online advertising platform

Purchase our advertising products and have your website displayed to thousands of our members.
It’s easy, enter your website URL and we will do the rest.
We deliver views from a quality audience directly to your website.
We know it is a quality audience becasue Hashing Ad Space attracts people with common interests.
Everyone is interested in home based business in some form, either attracting leads for growing their business, or simply earning from watching ads.
Knowing this, the people viewing your ads are most likely interested in:
  1. Home-based business offers
  2. Marketing tools
  3. Marketing resources
  4. Training for online business
  5. Crypto currency related offers
You know who will be viewing your website and can expect a far more reactive audience as a result.
This knowledge is what makes our advertising superior to others and gets results for our advertisers.
Quality advertising is necessary for the successful online entrepreneur. Hashing Ad Space provides exactly that.

HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

Mint New Crypto Currency by Viewing Ads

Minting crypto currency, is the act of bringing new tokens into existence. This is what makes Hashing Ad Space unique.
It is the act of watching ads on Hashing Ad Space that "mints" crypto currency tokens each day.
This minting is the creation of new tokens called “Asimi"
The viewer of the advertisement earns the token(s) each day based on the ads they have watched.
The more ads they watch (mint), the greater your allocation of the newly minted Asimi that day (currently 17,438 tokens per day)
This Asimi is paid directly into your online wallet.

We implement a Proof of Stake to qualify our viewing audience.
Each member on Hashing As Space has a maximum limit of ads they can view each day.
This minting limit is set by staking your own Asimi tokens.
Your Proof of Stake increases your daily ad minting limit for each day.

Staking is not a purchase.
Your stake always remains yours.

Staking is simply a hold of Asimi in your wallet that qualifies you to view ads and earn new Asimi.
100% of your stake is returned to you.
Any Asimi you mint as a result of your daily ad minting is yours to keep

HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

The Token Economy

Asimi is a utility token with a true product use: Advertising.
We do not sell Asimi to members.
There was no Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Asimi is earned for “free” via minting ads.
Circulating supply started at zero
New Asimi is minted each day via ads being viewed.
That is how Asimi is added into circulating supply.
The full details on Asimi can be found here
Asimi is designed for the sole purpose of online advertising purchase’s on Hashing Ad Space.
This is the intended and only use.

Advertising revenue is the sole revenue for Hashing Ad Space.
The advertising we sell must be paid for in Asimi tokens.
This creates a demand on the exchange as advertisers must obtain Asimi prior to making advertising purchases.

Our minters that view ads, earn the newly minted Asimi for that day.
They can then take that Asimi and sell it on the exchange for themselves.
This indirectly awards Hashing Ad Space minters the money spent on advertising with us each day (via the decentralized exchange)
Our PoS controlled minting limit creates reliability in our daily ad views delivery
and significantly increases our advertising value, building a high quality viewing audience.
The more minters on Hashing Ad Space, the more valuable our advertising services. This generates more true demand for Asimi tokens from advertisers on the exchange.
The result: a fully functioning, self sufficient token economy.


Alright, this above is official ABOUT this company(Australia) from their page.
Lets break it down on more basic and fimiliar "language"
This Advertising company pays you to watch ads with their token called ASIMI and it was FREE in a prelaunch.
Now you have to purchase their TOKEN on Waves Exchange (DEX) and send it on your Account and Stake it to be able to watch ads and Earn more ASIMI tokens.
With your new ASIMI tokens you can do whatever you want.
You can send it back to Waves Exchange and sell it or you can purchase new Stake and get to watch one more ad every day and EARN more Asimi tokens.

Every day you get 0.27% from Staking so if you have for example staked 100 Asimi you will get 0.27 ASIMI + from every AD you have watched previous day.
Earning from watching ads varies from how many ASIMI tokens are STAKED (how many ads memebrs are watching) .
There is a fixed number of ASIMI tokens(17,438 ) which will be shared daily for watching ads.

1 Stake is worth 100$

Here is a data from their FB group

‼March 19th 2019‼1200 UTC
Daily Asimi Data as follows...

▪Bitcoin price = 3,925 Dollars / BTC
▪Asimi price = 0.00042 BTC / Asimi
▪0.00042 x 3,925 = $1.65 / Asimi
▪today's Stake Earning = 0.5972 Asimi
▪0.5972 x 1.65 =‼$0.99 / Ad Mint‼

If you liked it so far

----------------------------------------- -------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------- ------------------------------ ----------------------

That is basically it.

You see how long text can be tailored in a few sentences ;) Now, I will begin with tutorials and after that I will post proof of my payments (my stakes) I have purchased Stakes worth 900$. Yes, I really think this could be good LONG TERM project for years to come.

Video tutorials

Minting(mining) and staking explained

Full PRESENTATION --> created before launch of advertising platform

Waves Exchange (DEX)

What is Waves??

Creating wallet

Overview and pin ASIMI

This forum does not allow me to post more than 5 videos, so I will rest of tutorials post in comments.

That is all. I will be constantly updating you about this project in comments

If you liked it so far

P.S. My deposits are in attachments-all my transactions from Waves exchange where I have purchased ASIMI to HashingAdSpace where I STAKED them.


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Nov 26, 2018
How to Buy and Sell ASIMI tokens

How to Fund Waves account

How to use WAVES DEX(Decentralized Exchange)

How to buy ASIMI on Waves

How to fund HashingAdSpace with ASIMI


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Nov 26, 2018
Email received from Admin on March 18, 2019

Imagine being one of the first people that mined Bitcoin...
earning it easily with your home computer...

Not realising its value,
you carelessly spend it on
some trivial purchase for $1 per coin...

Or... buying BTC for $5,
and then selling it all for $10
when you "doubled your money..."

Or even worse,

Mining thousands of BTC
and losing access to your wallet...

Only to watch BTC explode
in a few years later... To $20,000 each

There are thousands upon thousands
of stories like that in the crypto currency space...

A market of extraordinary possibilities,
but also at times hard to identify the value.
People "losing" fortunes by
not valuing what they had at the time.

This modern day "Gold Rush" has made countless millionaires.

That is the power of crypto.
The early believers have been insanely rewarded...
While the skeptics have watched from the sidelines...

Crypto seems to be able to change lives overnight...

I wanted to share this testimonial sent in by one of our members...
as it sums up much of the purpose of Hashing Ad Space.

"How Hashing Ad Space changed my life to me,and why i love Hashing Ad Space?

In my country, I worked hard to get a monthly salary of $ 250- $ 350
I was forced to even go to another country to earn more than in my country enough
as a single mother with two children alone .. away from them .. sad ..

But it happened one day when my current mentor and support Rahim was persistent
to look at the wonderful opportunity .. Thanks!

Simply, overly thankful to Luke Millard who is wonderful a person who has changed my life
in my country 🇲🇰 where also i help and i share this opportunity with my family and friends.

My dream has already come TRUE, I have a JOB from HOME ,
and I'm home to my children, I no longer need to get away from them. We are all happy!
Thanks a lot for this wonderful opportunity and which enabled us..
Showed how I can be financially independent changed my life for always in a positive direction
Thank you again Luke Millard and the team at HAS for what you are doing!

Just one tip from me
When you believe, You will receive.
I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again...

Ruzhica "

What an incredible story of the true success
that working from home can bring into your life.

Time and choice

Time and choice are the underlying desires
It's not the physical "money" that is the goal,
It's the choices you can make with money
and the time to enjoy it that are important

Asimi is designed around that goal and that's where it has excelled

It's easy to acquire, and powerful to own.

As you know,
Hashing Ad Space is designed
to provide a service of advertising.

And by doing so,
our members can enjoy the benefits minting new Asimi.

With decades of pre-scheduled
Asimi minting income to be earned...
We are 100% sustainable,
100% transparent and are going
to set records in the make money from home, crypto space.

Asimi has proven itself to be a success.
Already providing income for
Thousands of members that mint Asimi daily...

Thank you again for being part of our growing community!

Luke Millard
Hashing Ad Space, CEO

Level 13, 50 Cavill Avenue
Surfers Paradise, QLD
Australia 4217




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Nov 26, 2018
FInally FREE EARNINGS are introduced by CEO Luke

Here is a video by Luke

Do not skip this FREE EARNING opportunity,
REGISTER before it starts.





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Nov 26, 2018
They have implemented 2000 FREE banner credits for every member who joins,
so use this opportunity to REGISTER and use those credits to promote your projects.

Soon they will implement V2E(View To Earn) system,
in which every member will have opportunity to Earn Asimi tokens without investment.

However, it s a great time to purchase Asimi tokens because they are really cheap at the moment,
set up your staking, mint them by watching ads and Earn even more.



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Nov 26, 2018
Hi all, finally we have date of V2E(View to Earn) implementation.
It is 1.5.2019.
So, all of you have like to EARN without any investments can REGISTER HERE and prepare for the journey.
V2E will be visible on your left side of the DASHBOARD.

You can find email from admin in attacment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask :)




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Nov 26, 2018
NOW, you can EARN for FREE
HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

Every day you can win one of raffle prizes
HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

Enjoy your earnings :)



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Nov 26, 2018
@Margo or @Marengo could you please delete from this title word "soon" because this project has implemented FREE opportunity.
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