Happy New Year for you and Bitcoin!



Jun 26, 2018
Happy New Year for you and Bitcoin!

This year was really hard for crypto industry, all of us have gone through lots of difficulties and fortunately we've done all the challenges waited for us successfully. So let's now take a look back at everything what happened, both good and bad.

Crypto has been gaining popularity

The year started very positively, with an ambition of making the first IPO of a crypto company in history, this was Bitmain planning to run an Initial Public Offering on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), after there was a similar intention by hardware producer Canaan Creative.

However, these ambitions won't become real in the nearest time - requests are kept somewhere in HKEX archives, that isn't interested in holding IPO of crypto industry company, just because it is in a bad condition at the moment.

That was all too bad, because IPO Bitmain might have become a great leap for the industry development. Probably we shouldn't use the past tense talking about this, so right to say: it might cause leaps in both cryptocurrencies prices and blockchain spreading.

Mining is Going Down

Miners are now have to sell their hardware what causes their developers losing money, these are Nvidia and GPO Internet who have left the industry due to big loss. Capitalization decreased by 70%, while bitcoin is considered to be the worst investment instruments of the current year. Could someone imagined that this will happen just a year ago in the Christmas eve when the bitcoin was at its peak?

Countries are going to regulate the industry but hopefully these efforts were not successful. Lots of the laws were very funny and most of them haven't been released yet and are planning to be done only in the year 2019.

All of us believe in that the next year will become crucial point and cryptocurrencies will again become the most discussing theme how it has already happened a few times - the market is cycled, raising is changed by falling, price can't become bigger and bigger because this what the financial rules say. If you’ve ever wondered about should you still invest in crypto, the answer is “yes for sure” and this is why:

Why you still should invest in Crypto? - HYIP.com

Bitcoin celebrated its first anniversary this year, even after ten years it is nothing, but the very beginning of the industry. There has never been anything revolutionary that was developing easily having no resistance from the outside, so this what bitcoin is going through right now but there will be a great final.

2019 will become a year of cryptocurrencies a lot of positive events are going to take place, which can affect the industry and make it better:
  • Bakkt platform release
  • SEC decision about Bitcoin-ETF
  • Fidelity Investments actions and plans
  • Bitcoin futures on Nasdaq stock exchange

All of these can bring big investments to the crypto industry and make it more used among common people.

Happy New Year to everybody, hope the next year will become very progressive for you and the industry as well!
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