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May 14, 2020
Hi guys, yesterday my friend showed me this minigame on a website named Remitano. I think it’s kinda fun so I decided to share with you here.

It’s quite simple. You’ll just need to like and comment on the post about how much you predict BTC price on Bitstamp exchange at 12:00 (GMT+7) on 25 May 2020.

About the total prize, it can be up to 1000 USDT but it depends on the number of participants. Like, if the number of comments is below 200, the total prize will be only 100 USDT. However, if there are more than 1000 comments, the total prize will push up to 1000 USDT. Interesting, right? Thus, instead of playing this game alone, you should invite your friends to join you. That would be more fun.

There will be one 1st Prize, one 2nd Prize and fifty equal consolation prizes for those who have commented the most precise number on BTC price.

Here is the link to the game and you can find more information in it too:

Now, it is on-going and will end on 20 May 2020 so you had better be quick or you’ll miss it.

Hope you guys like it.
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