Grand Projects of Elon Musk



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Jun 15, 2018
Grand Projects of Elon Musk

The successful launch of SpaceX's flagship Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6, 2018, opened a new page in the history of man’s conquering space. This event proved once again that the projects of the businessman and inventor Elon Musk are becoming a reality despite criticism. Today we look at the 5 largest projects of a charismatic genius, bordering fiction.

Grand Projects of Elon Musk

According to the Musk’s statements, SpaceX is his main child and the company on which he pins high hopes. Today, SpaceX is the largest private launch vehicle developer and commercial space travel operator. At one of the conferences, Elon Musk briefly and succinctly described the main goal of the company — to make humanity an “interplanetary species."

The first launch of the Falcon 1 rocket in 2006 turned into an accident. Despite this failure, SpaceX won the NASA competition and received a grand in the amount of $ 396 million to create the Falcon-9 launch vehicle and the reusable Dragon unmanned transport spacecraft. Both developments turned out to be a success and made SpaceX one of the world leaders in the space segment. Musk plans to send cargo spacecraft to Mars in the next four years, and the first expedition to the Red Planet in 2024.
Grand Projects of Elon Musk
Elon Musk is a big fan of the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. That is why he called his production of electric vehicles and solutions for storing electricity company in his honor. Tesla is the most well-known and public Musk’s project, which has managed to become the world leader in the production of electric vehicles for 15 years since its foundation. The company, which has produced three hundred thousand cars, was able to reach a turnover of 29 billion dollars and overtake the majority of the world’s automakers.

Musk believes that the electric future is just around the corner. According to him, most of the cars will drive on batteries soon, factories will start working on solar energy and humanity will finally be able to get off the “oil needle”. When Tesla presented its first electric car in 2006, many people were very controversial about this product. Today, most large companies rely on the fleet of electric vehicles.

Grand Projects of Elon Musk
In 2013, Elon Musk proposed the idea of creating a fifth type of transport along with trains, cars, airplanes and sea vessels. According to him, it should be something between a supersonic “Concorde” plane, a rail gun and an air hockey. The project was named “Hyperloop”. Hyperloop is a concept of a supersonic train that will move on a magnetic thrust through specially equipped vacuum tunnels.

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