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May 13, 2019
Having your own MasterNode is one of the best ways to generate a steady, passive income in the crypto sector. For a long time I have been collecting information and opinions from neutral sources. Basically, if you invest in MasterNodes, your capital is spread across different MasterNodes. This means, but you have to know several projects and keep up to date. I did not have time to keep up to date every project so i was search for a solusion thats work. I know this today after about 8 months of reading and watching the market of MasterNodes to can say: Ther is one out that solved this for me!

Why do I find MasterNodes as a very good investment?
Actually, it is quite simple. Most will probably know Mining and know that you need special hardware for it. This is on the one hand expensive and secondly very dependent on the Bitcoin course. That the blockchain technology is recognized and from the industry, is no longer worth talking, I think. The biggest disadvantage is besides the initial cost of the immense power consumption when Mining. MasterNode are normal regular servers that require a fraction of power, so energy. Servers are already around 30 euros a year to get. So which technology will prevail in the long run in the industry?

  • The duration of your deposit is 180 days, then you can freely dispose of the amount of your Masternode or let it run.
  • The smallest possible investment amount is 0.2 BTC or 1000 Euro or 1.136 USD by bank transfer in GetNode (25% fees only from the profit)
  • The payment of your income takes place ca. 0 days, between Mo.- Fr. to put it in a mastersnode
  • This is the first Full Managed Masternode Pool! (Dont go in Privat Masternodes or Shared Masternode!!!!!))
  • About the backoffice, each member has detailed insight into their individual bookings, income, accounts, etc.
  • No fees on deposits or withdrawals from the Comany
  • GetNode earns from profits, so it is in their own interest to work optimally
  • KYC (Know your Customer) for stability and seriousness.
  • No commission from the deposit will be take
Affiliates receive a commission only from profits:
8% on the first level
4% on the second level
2% on the 3 level

Tech Comissions are in the 25% / 35% fees from the profit. 11% are used by them for the costs of Servers and other Payments from Company. And 14% for the affiliates. So we always get the net profit as a credit.

The profits
There would be no promise of profit as this is not calculable. We move at 9 to 13 percent a month which is no guarantee!
With one Bitcoin you will be abel to get this some times. Less and more is posible!
Did you known that John Mc Affee is invested by us?


I myself am concerned about durability and reliability and no high risk investments which are mostly short-lived

I was allowed to view the wallets to the Masternode Pool:
which contains 65 Coins with over 350 Masternodes. The total volume of the Company today is around 800 Bitcoin. So I can confirm that this company is real and operates a healthy risk management. At time we ware a smal Company with around 1000 Investors that gives you a solusion to build up. I think i am the first one that goes to the english Site and you are one of the first in your Country!

The Companys Home is:
Getnode Ltd.
35 Mannarino Road
Birkirkara, BKR 9080 Malta
Registration Number: C 87214
Directors: Jirka Lissewski, Patryk Labus, Johanna Gemenetzi
Secretary: Johanna Gemenetzi

The best thing about the CEOs is that they own a family business, another has 4 pharmacies, and the third one has a joint stock company. None of these has ever had anything to do with Network and come from the real circle of entrepreneurs with a focus on long-term stability

Investment only via recommendation link
In order to be part of this company, a recommendation link is required under this whole article.

Payments of profits:
It will be paid every 14 days and the affiliates will be paid on the 15th each month. The reinvestment option has been added later and can be set at 25, 50, 75 or 100%.

Paying out of ouer Invest it self:
if we have adjusted everything our investment runs absolutely automatically and later if we want to have the deposit after 180 days again only inform the support.

Risk management is as follows:
Low risk - good return | about 45%
medium risk - high return | about 35%
high risk - extremely good return | about 20%

Payouts Proofments


And some older Transactions with a Deposit of 0.2 Bitcoin.


English Videos are on the Landinpage from the Company!

All in all, you have to go through the registration once which takes about 10 minutes and then receives within 24 hours your own wallet address for the deposit.

!!! I strongly recommend that you pay attention that the Masternode pool was chosen !!!
Or you have enough capital to run your risk management yourself in different Masterternodes!

Then everything runs automatically true to the motto: Shoot and forget.

The time it takes me to show and explain everything to a new investor is 15 to 30 minutes. After that you hear in most cases very little. Except comments like Top, Super, Thanks!

I myself work directly with the sales manager and can only recommend this company sincerely!

You want a long and good oportunety? In my case it is one of that what!

Best Reguards!
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May 13, 2019
Every 15. in the Month the Comissions wher payed out... So Today was the Day!

The next Payout is from the Reward of the Masternode Pool invest that will be collected 14 Days for the Payout!


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May 13, 2019
Please excuse the late update!
Yesterday I was admittedly a bit lazy and in the evening I had no more lusts!

Here's the payout yesterday from the Masternode Pool!

In the left site you see again my exodus Wallet and left the GetNode Backoffice!


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