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Jun 15, 2018
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GDAX is a trading platform opened by the popular service for the exchange of Bitcoin Coinbase in May 2016. If Coinbase was created for fast transactions with cryptocurrencies, GDAX is a full-fledged exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. GDAX replenishments are available through fiat currencies (GBP, USD, EUR).

GDAX offers a wide range of advanced tools for trading. There are 9 currency pairs available on the exchange: BTC-USD, LTC-EUR, LTC-USD, ETH-BTC, BTC-GBP, LTC-BTC, BTC-EUR, ETH-USD, ETH-EUR.

To attract more traders, GDAX has included the option of margin trading. The maximum leverage is 1: 3. Despite a small number of trading pairs on GDAX, the average daily trading volume exceeds $ 400 million.

GDAX is one of the largest exchanges in terms of average daily trading volumes.
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