GamesTech Review: Profit 1.68% daily for 90 days, Deposit not return



Nov 26, 2019
is a unique large-scale project from administrator the industry Gambling. The project is from Russia and is registered in

Creation of the innovative company Games Technologies INC LTD was the result of a carefully developed strategy aimed at developing a commercial structure capable to generate high and stable profits in such human activities as: development of software and auxiliary software tools for the gambling industry; Integrating blockchain technology into the gambling industry; Development of a full range of algorithms and technologies for independent control of integrity and profit distribution; Creating its own online casinos .

About Dexau
  • Official launch: April 19th 2020
  • Domain register 1 years: 2020 - 2021
  • Payment systems: USD (PM, Payeer, Skill, Neteller) Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)
  • Min Invest : 25$
  • Min withdraw : 1$, 0.0014 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.05 LTC, 100 RUB.
  • Profit withdrawal: manually, up to 24 hours
  • Profit accrual : 1.68% - 2.35% daily for 90 calendar days (7 day/week)
  • Referral commission: 5% on profit daily

At the moment, when you register for an account, you will receive a bonus of $ 50 or 0.007 BTC or 1,1705 LTC or 0.2754 ETH receive 0.05% daily interest for 365 days. Limited number of bonuses quickly registered to miss.

Note: you can create multiple personal accounts using the same computer or IP address, provided that each such personal account will be registered using unique payment details and unique personal data, as a separate Investment Agreement will be concluded with each creator of the personal account.

Plan Investment of GamesTech
  • Plan Bronze Contract: Minimum investment amount $ 25, profit 1.68% daily for 90 calendar days, deposit not return, ROI 151.2%
  • Plan Silver Contract: Minimum investment amount is $ 1,501, profit 1.79% daily for 90 calendar days, deposit not return, ROI 161.1%
  • Plan Gold Contract: Minimum investment amount $ 5,001, profit 1.91% daily for 90 calendar days, deposit not return, ROI 171.9%
  • Plan Emerald Contract: Minimum investment amount $ 15,001, profit 2.12% daily for 90 calendar days, deposit not return, ROI 190.8%
  • Plan Diamond Contract: Minimum investment amount $ 30,001, profit 2.35% daily for 90 calendar days, deposit not return, ROI 211.5%

My deposit at GamesTech

Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions
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