Future Technology Group PTE LTD interest rate 1,8% per day



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Dec 26, 2018
Future Technology Group PTE LTD development of autonomous neural networks, robotized systems and packages of trading programs of the latest generation.
Features of FTGroup
Running date: March 28, 2019
Investment approval: $: PM, Payeer; Crypto: BTC, ETH, LTC
Minimum investment: $ 50
Minimum withdrawal: $ 1
Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday – Friday, Saturday and Sunday without interest.
Return on investment: Yes, at the end of the interest cycle.
Interest paid daily at: 20h daily Singapore time [21h daily Vietnam time].
Payment: Manual – Pay within 48 hours.
Legal documents of FTGroup

Investments Future Technology Group PTE LTD.
  • The packet Start: Block Start includes 4 investment plans with a yield of up to 1.8% per day with the return of the amount of the investment. The terms of the work of the contribution range from 20 to 35 accruals.
  • The packet Profit: The Profit unit includes 4 investment plans with a profit of up to 3.8% per day. The amount of the investment is included in the daily payouts. The term of the deposit is 100 charges.
  • The packet Business: Business unit gives the maximum profit to the investor up to 5.5% per day! Withdrawal of interest and the amount of investment is carried out at the end of the term of the deposit.
  • To register an account, click on the link: FTGroup
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