FREE 15 £ with Monese Pre-Paid Card App



Nov 16, 2019
Monese - gives you 5-15 pounds for setting up and testing a free account.

I don't know how long this promotion will last, so it's worth doing immediately to get a bonus.

There is a lot to read on their website, but the biggest one is that we get a free card, £ 5-15 to spend, it will take 10 minutes to setting up. We also get the opportunity to share this information with others, after which for each person also received £ 5-15. (Bonus depend on your location, could be 10,15,20 pounds)

Registration Guide:

Register an account to your home address because you will receive the card to this address.

It's important to choose that you want to have a pound account, but then you'll get 15 euros instead of 15 pounds and the message in pounds will come out with more bonus.

To get BONUS, please use the code: MAREK438 during registration.

Registration in a few steps:

We set up an account:

Remember to use the MAREK438 reference code in the application Select a UK account and a free plan because you will receive £ 5-15. Enter data.

Verify yourself.
Choose a starter plan, order a free physical card.

Click the menu in a large corner format, find PROMOTIONS - enter the code: PREMIUMPLEASE (give you a 3-month premium subscription for free to reduce fee costs) - I don't know how long the promotion and this code will be active. - It is not necessary.

Top up some money on your prepaid app min. £10 you can use your debit card or bank transfer. No worries! (money that you can use immediately for shopping or withdraw with a bonus to your account)

In the application in the card section create a "virtual card" (the card can be used immediately for online purchase) Use cards in the store or virtual over the Internet when shopping. E.g. Aliexpress, (The bonus is granted up to 48 hours)

Hope you will be happy with free money


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