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May 3, 2018
Tapatalk short story

Hola Amigos!

As you know, I like to share information from personal observations or from my own experience. As for me, this is the most valuable resource that develops us, makes us better and moves forward.
I want to tell you what will help you to stay with us with us, have access to our resources every second and receive valuable information immediately.

Mobility, mobility and… mobility

Each of us uses a smartphone. No matter if this is the latest iPhone, or an ancient angular Android, I bet that the number of people with Nokia 3310 is relatively small among our members. The phone’s become our eternal companion, alter ego, the best friend and assistant. With each passing day web surfing on the phone is faster and more convenient, most sites have a mobile version adapted for the device. This makes it much easier to work with information, since the mobile layout takes away all unnecessary things.

The mobile version of our site is also very convenient and beautiful, the site looks a little bit different than that on the computer or laptop monitor, but it is convenient to read and look through all information.

But since our main resource is the forum where you are an integral part, I’ll tell you about the TapaTalk app, using which reading and writing comments will be so easy that you will never delete it, do you argue?:)

TapaTalk — the best mobile app for forums

Tapatalk app was developed by Tapatalk company in 2012, and at the moment it is the most reliable forum mobile client for such platforms as iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The app is included in the TOP of the most downloaded ones on all platforms, although the niche of its usage is rather narrow.

Since I’m an iPhone owner, I want to show how to install and work with Tapatalk, and I really hope that everyone will find something new and interesting in my story.

Setting and configuration of the client are extremely simple. We search forums, look for our favorite, and add it. Then we enter our nickname and password from the forum (we do it only once) to read personal messages and see when new posts appear on the monitored threads.

That’s all. Now you will get push notifications every time you receive a PM or someone responds in the following posts. Now you do not need to scroll through the forum, you see the latest news. In addition, you can see the news line with all the latest events of the forum.

TapaTalk or a mobile version of the forum

You can say that using the mobile version of is also convenient, and why to install extra software? I will mention several advantages of this app:

— Notifications of new posts and private messages
— Saving traffic
— User-friendly interface and speed
— Chat with other forum members
— Ability to add other forums

Actually using Tapatalk makes work much easier, I can quickly respond to a message even when I’m driving (but do not forget about traffic rules and personal safety), and most importantly, I receive news and PMs from many resources without having to go to websites.

Thank you for attention!

As always, leave comments, share experience and read our forum.

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