paying HYIP FOREST4 INVESTMENTS LTD Review [4% Per Business Day Profit + 10-2-1% R. C.]



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Jun 3, 2018
#1 starts on March 03, 2019. According to the site, FOREST 4 INVESTMENTS LTD with 11834819 UK registration number works in the field of woodworking industry. HYIP FOREST 4 INVESTMENTS LTD Review [4% Per Business Day Profit + 10-2-1% R. C.]

HYIP Portfolios HYIP has two simple plans in its arsenal:
  • Plan Four — 4% daily for 38 days, $20–100,000;
  • Plan 115 — 115% after 15 days, $20–100,000.
Would you like some numerology? Number 4 is a symbol of intelligence, rationality. 115 (1 + 1 + 5 = 7) - secret meaning, stability test. Our team has deciphered the secret meaning of 2 sentences, the point is this: experienced HYIP investors know that such games in successful woodworking enterprises are coming to an end. The recoupment of investments according to the second plan is 15 calendar days. On the first - 25 business days or 5 calendar weeks (35 days). During the time when investors wait for the profit on the first plan, investors of the second offer will have time to get a profit of 2% in the amount of 15% or 30% in total.
The minimum amount to withdraw is $3, but we have just determined that the second plan is 2 times more profitable, so it only matters for upliners (we will write below). The profit accrual time does not depend on the investment time, it is standard for all - 00:01 server time. The system processes applications within 36 business hours or 4.5 calendar days. How it will happen in fact and whether it will be at all, let’s see. The project works only 5 at the time of writing the review and we can only guess about the intentions of the administrator. Affiliate

The admin offered a 3-tier affiliate system of 10-2-1% for all registered users and 15-3-2% for representatives.

Payment Systems

Their website provides Perfect Money, Payeer, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP as payment systems for receiving payments.

Technical Part accept excellent technical characteristics. The administration didn’t bought standard H-script or GC script, but use a unique. The site has hosting and DDoS-guard on unbelievable popular CloudFlare servers. It has EV SSL from DigiCert up to 29 February, 2020. Domain name from NameCheap up to 2020/02/17. There are UK registration with 11834819 number. There are only 5 days have passed from the start, and the admin has already bought more than 15 monitors.
We think that despite the technical part, there are not enough monitors, risky plans (which are difficult to understand). We made a deposit in the background, but we’re walking on thin ice here. On the other hand, any investment in projects like this is a risk. Even so, the HYIP is at its early stage of the life-cycle therefore with the correct approach to HYIP investing, depositors stand the chance to get good profit. can be considered as investment project if you aren't going to invest large amount for a long time and have a deposits in other HYPs.
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