First Masternode Hosting Service on MLM basis!



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Sep 4, 2018
Hi Crypto enthusiasts!

Thanks for being here and thank you for taking your time.

My name Emanuele (Melchionda Network), i am the CEO of the platform Cryptoselfmade,
and aswell an active crypto and masternode investor.

Today i want to present you an huge opportunity that you never have seen before!

Staking and Masternode Coins gained a lot of popularity in the last 18 months.
Well, i imaginge that you've may be heard about Staking and Masternode Coins, right?

Masternode Coins are giving us the opportunity to generate passive income. And there are a
few Masternode Hosting Services out there. That is awesome, but they are missing a big point:

It is not possible to build a big business with them! Why not?
Because the most masternode hosting services are paying commission only on the first level.

But what happens, if you have a big team and want to profit from them? Well, it is not possible.

So we decided to revolutionize the Masternode Hosting Niche! We connected our Masternode
Hosting Service with an MLM Referral System.

So everytime you refer one person and setups his masternodes you are getting instantly commissions.

But now it is getting better. The client that you bring in pays on a monthly basis, so you are earning
a residual income from your partners up to the 10th level (50% Commission!).

Insane, right? Yes, it is.

We are providing on our platform a lot of services and tools for masternodes aswell, like:

- Full Masternode Premium Service
- Videos about Staking and Masternodes
- Telegram Bot for instant notifications
- 10 level deep Affiliate program (Up to 50% commission + residual income)
- Instant withdrawals
- Team Rotator
- Masternode strategies
- Real time statistics
- Facebook pixel integration

and many things more!

In the next days we will aswell implement a career plan with bonuses and incentives. Stay tuned about that.

If you want more informations about Cryptoselfmade, than please watch our official presentation:

The link to register for free on our platform is:

If you have any questions regarding the platform you can send me anytime a private message (Email)
or you can add me aswell in Facebook, Skype etc.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Emanuele Melchionda
Skype: lele469
YouTube: Melchionda Network
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Sep 4, 2018
Hello everyone, i heared from this strategy first time about 2 weeks ago, its amazing and you can learn much from the videos about the strategies for masternodes and at least get better results!


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Sep 5, 2018
Something really great is happening here! The Masternode Niche is the best that I could ever find! Looking forward to great value here!


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Sep 10, 2018
Mit Masternodes (sog. Mining 2.0) lässt sich wirklich leicht Geld verdienen.
CryptoSelfmade macht es jetzt auch für Einteiger möglich!

With masternodes it´s really easy to make money.
Everyone can setup a masternode with just a few clicks on CryptoSelfmade :)

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