Dec 9, 2020
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Legend: POULTRY FARM: The enterprise technology
and profitability

According to analysts, the production profitability of poultry farm has been reached over 60% during the last year. Farm activity in the market continues to grow, which means competition increasing. Properly adjusted work promises big dividends.
Just few companies can boast a well-established business model of the chicken enterprise. Start-up firms are under significant pressure from major competitors. A poor-quality business plan faces losses at an early Ltd. offer own enterprise development strategy based on a modern approach and technology for poultry farms
Investment plans:
1. 7% Daily for 22 Days
2. 5% Daily for 30 Days
3. 110% after 5 days

The head office is located in London, United Kingdom. Our company is registered under the number 11626213 with legal name: FARMS LTD. You can find this information in the section Documents and Certificates or by visiting official Companies House website Use the information provided above (company file number & legal name) in order to search and verify all the data. Certificate of Insurance (CIO) can also be found and checked by the number of COI-005612580 on home page.
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