Fall of the DARKNET. Why Tor Marketplaces are disappearing



Jun 26, 2018
Scammers have always been getting used to new technologies faster than anyone else does. Not simply because they are very adventurous people, but because they have to compete with police unless they don't want to go to jail. That way it is pretty dramatical that the first people to use Bitcoin were those who had to sell goods in the deep dark web.

Silk Road - Amazon in the world of drugs happened to be a reason why cryptocurrencies became an interest of people who aren't anarchists ir crypro enthusiasts. On the other hand it has also led to a number of problems, for long time after Bitcoin was considered as a payment option for criminals, especially those who are related to drugs.

Fall of the DARKNET. Why Tor Marketplaces are disappearing

Even these days some people want cryptocurrencies to be illegal making an emphasis on that they are used for no good reason, but criminal. In fact however, for money laundering and terrorism financing a special system of offshores could be used instead of pseudo-anonymous decentralized payment system.

Some of online markets located in deep web appear, some disappear. That is a sign of that darknet has been going down.

Two of the biggest market find themselves bankrupts at the same time, it isn't an easy task to find information about illegal market, however a group of people managed to find such on Dread forum and in media that specializes on deep web researches (i.e. Deep Dot Web), information that was found make it clear that all cells on Dream Market were ended as well as all users funds on Wall Street Market being confiscated.

Dream Market. Place where anything could be found

Deep web marketplaces where you can order whatever you like, unless it is related to illegal products and services. This markets used to do all transactions in bitcoin since year 2011. Back then Ross Ulbricht have created Silk Road, which was overthrown by a variety of better and even more mad markets, but in the end all of these closed. And again giant deep web markets could find themselves in situation when they might close.

Dream market can be proudly named the oldest, having more than 6 years of experience in selling good goods, and probably the most experienced. As it is said in Deep Dot Web report site has fallen after large DDoS attack, after which users became unable to use the service. It seems like hackers used a problem inside Tor system what helped them to make their attack way to more serious.

It is still unknown who is responsible for attacks, however, one of Dread operators HugBunter suggested that hacker was interested in getting money from one of Dream Market most influential operators Speedstepper.

Fall of the DARKNET. Why Tor Marketplaces are disappearing

Some users come up with the idea of that law enforcement agencies might have been related to problems in work of market, however there are no clues of this.

During the last month, after seven weeks of DDoS attacks, Dream Market announced that it is now fully closed. Administration couldn't continue to deal with hackers - says Deep Dot Web.

This market will be closed on 30 April, partner company with onion address of weroidjkazxqds2l.onion is to become the new market, but at the moment their site is offline.

There was no more information about Dream Market and it is still unknown what this partner company is. According to HugBunter it is simply time for some rebranding on the market, however we can't be sure in this either. What is more, Speedstepper didn't announce anything.

Interesting that despite the fact you can't buy nothing on Dream Market, it is still possible for you to put money on your wallet.
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