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Alexander Expert

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Dec 7, 2018
Hey guys in

My name is Elia, I'm Chief Operation of HYIP Monitoring Service.

Expert-Lister platform allows to peoples and high risk investors to find their interested and profitable investment project there.
We are pleased to announce that is in top #10 HYIP Monitoring because of our service, visitors and our trust and real-time reaction to find problem and paying investment projects.

Our services for Investors:
1. Find high/low risk project to investment through Expert-Lister investment engine
2. Update investment project status one time per hour
3. Check community conversation to find best projects
4. Pay HIGHEST RCB than ALL monitors
5. Insurance investors funds

Our services for Projects:
1. Promote your project on investment Telegram groups and channels, Twitter, Facebook, VK, Skype groups
2. Lifetime "Paid Sticky" for Top performer and Golden Package list
3. Guaranteed $300 investment for Top performer and $500 investment for Golden package at least
4. 10-30 days of complimentary 728x90 banners advertising
6. Insurance $100 for each investor
7. Set HIGHEST RCB than ALL monitors
7. Mentioned in 1 weekly newsletter for potential investors
8. Notifications (70K Expert-Lister users subscribers)

List project here:

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me here.

Elia Mohebbi,
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