Everything you should know about Mining in September 2018



Jun 26, 2018
You can find two articles dedicated to mining and this is going to be the third one. “Mining news” can now be fairly called as regular column, so make sure you won’t forget to read it in next time, depending on the quantity of releases and updates, in the end or at the start of the month.


Can’t wait to learn what’s up in the mining industry in september. Let’s get started!

Part 1.

Futurebits Appollo


Futurebits is a unique company that gives its asics cool names such as Apollo or Moonlander, however, the strangest thing about it is that it makes it models for “home”. While more and more asics are becoming giant, noisy and hot. Miners from Futurebits can offer you silent work and great efficiency, using WiFi.

In fact, if the characteristics that were announced are true, this asic is going to become the most productive for mining Scrypt. What makes them a good choice not only for those, who are looking for a small home miner, but also for mining farms owners.



Mining giant has announced, not even hinted, new generation of their asics with 7nm techprocess for one of the most popular SHA-256 algorithm.

Before Bitmain with their Ants used to be the most performance Bitcoin miners, however, during the last time they have started losing their part of the market - opponents were offering the same quality for much lower price. The new generation is going to have 42 J/TH efficiency, so Bitmain is probably going to become the leader company again.

Oversimplified about cryptocurrencies
You’re professional miner, but your family thinks that you’re unemployed and going to become homeless soon? Know you have an opportunity to stop this misunderstanding. is a new book that is designed for children, but will be suitable for all ages! And yes, you can buy via bitcoin or on the amazon, what isn’t so cool.

Spondolies asic miner


Israeli company that was a real industry giant in 2016, but then all people have forgotten about it, is back in black.

After two years of silence, they have announced incredibly powerful, efficient and expensive asic miner for X11 algorithm, while all of their users were waiting for bitcoin miner. Although it’s pretty sad that you can’t mine bitcoin anymore, new Spondolies model can give you 540 GHs, demanding 4,4 kW for its work, it efficiency is more than 8,1 J/GHs.

If you’re interested in such a monster and price of $15500 doesn’t make you feel sick, preorder it today to get it in October of this year.

Dayun Zig Z1


Another asic miner from unknown, but perspective company, was revealed this month. And you can already buy it, without no need of waiting till october.

During the last time there were a lot Asian data leaks confirming the first asic miner on Lyra2REv2 algorithm (Verge, Vertcoin, Monacoin). And hopefully, they were real, an asic miner that can give you 6,8 GHs was released and it’s already available for sale with price in $8000-9000 range.

What is interesting, due to the release of asics working on this algorithm, soon we will see how GPU mining gets even less efficient. It’ll be an interesting opera, if you don’t mine on video cards, of course.

Another one Bitcoin?
On september 13 a successfool (there’s no mistake) fork of the father of all coins took place. This time it was so called Bitcoin Interest (BTI). There was no changes in block size, we already have used to, however, there was big changes in algorithm. Brand new ProgPow is designed to make all asics be able to mine single coin. Instead of today’s 1 asic = 1 algorithm, it offers lots of asics = 1 algorithms.

The idea of this coin is pretty interesting as well as it’s implementation, so about in your spare time.

Innosilicon T2 Turbo-32T


For the last couple of months Innosilicon has been releasing its asic miners quite often. And a few weeks before, they announced the most powerful bitcoin miner, however, the previous model was released only the last month.

As it appears, there was a real boom in the technologies, due to the brand new asic characteristic. By the way, it can give you 32-36 THs, using the same 10nm chips, so it`s efficiency is much higher than “classic” T2 Turbo has. Although it's way better the previous model, it costs $1568 dollars and their quantity is limited, so it would probably be a good idea to buy T2 Turbo. All information about which you can find here.

฿uy with Bitcoin
If you're professional investor you have to wear suit or other top investors will think that you aren't one of them. In such situation, the only thing that can make yourself stylish is fancy socks. Of course, you can always buy socks in unusual color or the diamond ones. But what do you think about socks with logos of different currencies: Monero, Dash or Bitcoin?

, very interesting startup, thinks that it would be great, so they have developed socks that will make your look perfect. They also have free worldwide shipping and do accept all of the popular cryptocurrencies.

Part 2.


This month was really productive in asic miners updates and releases, due to this I can not take more of your time and I’ll have to write about all software news in small digest:
  • Merit. Big miner update and even more pools available
  • Zjazz. Implementation for linux is now available as well as support of 3GB VRAM GPUs
  • Z-enemy. More productive and stable mining for NVidia
  • WildRig Multi. You can now download the beta version and try the first stable multi-mining tool. But only for windows, penguins are not allowed
  • IoIminer 0.5 Big Equihash miner for both, NVidia and AMD cards
  • Cryptknocker. Great ZEC miner for NVidia GPUs
In case you don’t know what all this strange programs and algorithms means, you can go to the previous article, where everything about them are written in details.
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