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Jun 26, 2018
Some time before, there was an article about top asic miners and other stuff that can help you in mining different cryptocurrencies.

There you can find all general you might information that will help you to make your knowledge bigger and to become more confident in what you already know.

Here’s the magic link: Top asic miners in year 2018

Today, a bit more than one month after, I’d like to talk about new hardware, software, news and changes in mining, which develops very fast during the last time.

In the previous article you can find information about the top mining options in this year, within the month there’s almost nothing new, but small changes and updates are no less important.

Antminer S9 Hydro
Antminer s9 hydro

BITMAIN, the biggest producer of mining hardware, don’t rush to release new generation of their asic miners. But they do rush to release a new model almost every month. Antminer S9, which is the 8th model this year, seems not to be very innovative, but it’s one of the few asics that have water cooling on board. This will help you to reduce heating and sequentially increase power efficiency and lifetime of your asic. Everything what you need to install this cooling system is in the box.
This model can also surprise you with 18 THS power.

Tips and tricks
In lots of countries, including Russia and some american states, there is a lower price on the electricity at night. Make your hardware work more actively at this time, and you’ll get more more profit, still paying the same energy bill!

Antminer Z9
Antminer z9

BITMAIN again. This asic is specially designed to work on the Equihash algorithm. With this machine you’re able to mine such coins as ZCash, ZClassic and other, price of which grows very fast these days.
This model is only presented now, but it’s going to be released very soon. Only what we can say so far is that it’ll have a bit unusual design and very well characteristics.
It’ll probably be very demand, so don’t forget to preorder.

Wiki Time
Equihash is one of the most popular proof-of-work algorithm in the cryptoworld. It was founded in 2016 by two researchers from SnT Luxembourg university. It became widely used as soon as ZCash became popularity.

Innosilicon T2 Turbo
Innosilicon t2 turbo

Hong Kong one of the most economically developed country and home to Innosilicon company. Thinking about mining “classical” coins, such bitcoin or bitcoin cash? Take a closer look at this asic miner.
Made in collaboration with Samsung this asic miner has very nice characteristics (24 THS, 93% efficiency), but also it has very long payback period. It’ll take about 1.5 year, what is pretty much.

Why exactly "classical” coins?
Bitcoin passes the USD $60,000 price level in the coming years.
©Bobby Lee

Holic H22
Holic h22

Another good option for you to mine “classical” coins can be asic miner from holic. it can boast even better characteristics:
  • 22 THS
  • 161 chips
  • ~13V voltage
  • Dual cooling system
Unusual design (looks like a honeycomb) can help you to make a really beautiful mining farm. That way if you want to buy an asic miner aimed at Bitcoin and at the same time which have nice look, you have just found what you were looking for.

Cryptocurrencies develops very quickly and nowaday to mine them you need many more stuff than just a video card or asic, these include among others software. And not just basic software that you can download from official coin website. So let’s take a lot at what this software is.

CUDAMiner Zjazz

You can find this program extremely useful for you if you use your video cards to mine. With the help of this you’ll be able to make hash rate and sequentially your profit bigger by applying special algorithms.

CryptoNight AMD GPU miner
While the previous program can help you with mining on completely different video cards, this software can be useful only in that case if you use RX series cards to mine.

Very big update of one of the most popular mining software was released recently. A lot of new features as well as increase of productivity and your profit. So don’t forget to update or install, if you have never used, this great software.
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