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Jun 15, 2018
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Ellectron Online is a new mid-term HYIP, that was launched on July 3, 2018. The HYIP technical part, investment plans, good promotion, show that the HYIP is designed for a long-term work. So, let’s consider key features of the HYIP!

Website. Ellectron Online has a classic design that could serve as an example for HYIP webmasters. Blue-lilac website scheme creates confidence in the mind of investors and adjusts users to a serious approach to investing. The site has a clear, uncluttered layout that allows users to quickly navigate around site or page.

Ellectron Online Review

All information and tools needed for investing, from investment calculator to referral banners. Accessibility of the financial statistics, live chat, various social networking accounts, and positive customer feedbacks inspire confidence. The HYIP website is available in English, Italian, German, Russian, and Vietnamese.

General info. Ellectron Online is an innovative and practical "digital funds" investment platform, which welcomes all users worldwide. ‘The company mostly aimed at ellectron-based Products Reselling & Logistics, like reselling of diodes and ellectron-based electronic components to high demand areas that lack in supply, with over a million units per month (and increasing), this provides a slow but solid profits for our "short term" needs’ the website said.

Investment Plans The HYIP offers the only one Principle included tariff plan — 12% daily for 12 calendar days, Principal Included. Min/Max deposit amount is $5/$10,000.

Payment Methods The project accepts BITCOIN, LITECOIN, DASH, ETHEREUM. Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.05.

Affiliate Program. With Ellectron Online affiliate program you will be able to earn 10% from the deposits of your referrals.

Customer Support. You can get in touch with Customer Support Team via live chat or contact form.
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