make money Draw Money if You Don't Have It: How to Generate Passive Picture Income & Tasks



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Jun 3, 2018
Hello everyone, I want to talk about earnings on Shutterstock. I will tell you what it is and how to create a source of stable and legal income based on it. Don’t worry, I will publish a post about filling out a tax return later. The basis of this article is a paid course of a person who successfully earns on photos’ sales around the world. I want to complete this course with you. Here you will see a step-by-step guide from registering on the platform to passing the exams, and also learn how to create pictures for sale.

Draw Money if You Don't Have It

How It Work And What Are Stocks?

Stocks are special internet shops, on the virtual shelves of which are millions of images, videos, and photos. The basic earning idea is that even very simple pictures can be sold here. The cost of earnings from one sale is $0.2-3, but there can be a lot of such sales, which will allow you to earn more than a thousand dollars on one successful picture.

By the way, Shutterstock is an American platform and to register here you will need a boarding pass if you are not a citizen of the United States. I will try to create detailed instructions. Write below or PM if you are interested in this topic and if you want to try it with me. Let's self-develop together and compete in the results achieved.

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