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Dec 8, 2018
81 has been working since December 21, 2018. According to the site, Dogemac is a Real Crypto Doge Mining company.

SITE Offers

The founder says that his company is the choice of investors in 2019. Indeed, his lifetime offers are very profitable:
  • MacPro — 116%, for 20 days;
  • Mac — 131.25%, for 35 days;
  • Mac — 140.25%, for 55 days;
Principal included. Each user can easily calculate the period for which the principal back:
Minimum withdrawal is 5 dogecoin. Payments are instant. Affiliate

All registered users automatically participate in the affiliate program and receive 4% rewards for each referral’s deposit. Members can also fill from and become official representatives with 10% commission.

Payment Systems

All plans are designed for investments in cryptocurrency. Participants of the investment program can make deposits only via Dogecoin.

Technical Part has hosting and Latest Security.
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