Do you have any writing jobs for me?



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Nov 10, 2018
Hello, everyone! It's me again. ;)

As I have mentioned in my introduction, I am a freelance writer and I am gladly accepting job offers at the moment. I've been doing ghostwriting services for quite awhile now and I have recently signed up as an author in a website called Smile Valley. You can also if you like. It's a great platform for startup writers. You can talk about anything you want. I even talk about my religion there and they accept my submission. :love: It just takes a while for their moderators to approve your work though. ;) Check out my latest work and tell me what you think. Your comments are greatly appreciated so I can improve my work.

Smile Valleys offers writers an opportunity to publish their creative work while earning some money on the side. They don't pay you outright for every article you publish but you earn 1$ for every 1000 unique views on your published articles. It's not easy but it's possible to achieve. The more articles you write, the quicker you can get those 1000 unique views. Talk about getting a passive income, this is one good way to earn it.

You can also earn by referring other writers to this site. You get commissions from the earnings of every author you have referred to Smile Valley. Check out for yourselves and see if is the best place for you. I've also just started building up my profile there. So I still can't say many things about it. I simply use this site to build my online writing portfolio. Earning from it is an bonus for me. I still accept jobs outside of this platform. If you can refer me to anyone who needs a good writer, I would gladly appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

All the best,
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Cedric James

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Dec 19, 2018
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