Finished DigitalBits - 60 Tokens worth $30. One Month left



Jun 26, 2018
Why project’s tokens are good enough for bounty hunters

Blockchain technology likes to be the most perspective in the US as well as in any other part of the world nowadays, however, there were no big companies trying to make it more spread, so DigitalBits decided to bring such important changes. They’ve implemented an ultimate protocol layer, built on the blockchain, that is aimed at bringing both, innovative technologies and old cryptographical ideas, to masses.

What is more, the platform can also work with different digital assets and can be integrated into already existing apps. The next problem, project’s team is going to face is the issue of adaptation and usability, however, you can be sure that everything will be fine, because of the developers’ high experience and deep project idea.

DigitalBits - 60 Tokens worth $30. One Month left

What to do
  • Sign up on the official website:
  • Join channel on the Telegram
  • Subscribe to twitter
  • Complete special form on special site to get your unique XDB address:
  • Finally, get your 500 tokens worth $30
  • As soon as you KYC approved the vote for DigitalBits
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